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  1. slowpokedodge

    Truck coolant flush

    Thanks. Guess I'm in the clear.
  2. I did the truck coolant flush on my truck. I don't know why but I got a 190 temp replacement thermostat. The one I took out was a 180. Anyway, Will the 190 be ok to run in the summer in Mississippi. I did notice the temperature got hotter quicker on my trip to work this morning. The one in the truck was the original one. Still worked like it should. It was 38 degrees this morning....Yahoo,fall has fell. My truck only held 5 gallons instead of 6.
  3. slowpokedodge

    a/c valve core

    Well the deed is done. Replaced the bad a/c valve stem after work. Pulled a vacuum for 30 minutes and let it set for another 30. Nothing moved on my ac gauge. The truck would only take 2 cans of freon. Put the can in hot water. 2 cans and I tried to put a can of 100pg in but not much went in. Put a thermometer in the vent and it got to 51 on low and 56 on high. Not as cold as the last time 3 years ago. It did not take the correct amount of freon so may not be fixed. Hope it blows cold in the morning. Thanks for all your help and I wonder why it only took 2 cans?
  4. slowpokedodge

    a/c valve core

    I am using gauges. Thanks. You told me this 3 years ago, u'd think I could remember things. I do have a manifold set, harbor freight but it works. Any way, the valve core is leaking and napa will have me one tomorrow. So I guess its good that it was freezing up or I would be doing it over again. I have seen people turn the cans upside down but I haven't. Thanks for the tip.
  5. slowpokedodge

    a/c valve core

    The valve is leaking bad, blowing back out, The truck took about 3/4 of a can of freon. The compressor would cycle off and on but never got cool. Would not take any more freon. The tool is nothing special just a regular valve core tool. I put green dye in it again, never found the first leak. Thought it was the evaperator core because of the loud hissing from the hvac. Guess I will try another place tomorrow for the valve core. It is bad and need to be replaced. You should see what the parts place tried to sell me for the heater core hoses. It was l shaped and about 4" long on each side.
  6. I replaced my ac low side valve core with this part # MT0064-4 from autozone. It leaks. Is there somewhere I can get the right replacement? I went to napa and the man went through a drawer full of them and came up with this one. It leaks too. I am sick of working on this a/c system. Have you ever heard of a piercing tool not working. I have one, can tap is not letting fluid out. I have a side can tap on the way, should be here tomorrow. Damdest thing I have ever seen!
  7. slowpokedodge

    Fan only blows on high

    I re-soldered the contact in the resistor. I guess the blower motor is going out. Thanks.
  8. Took my hvac box out and replaced the evaporator and heater core. Now my fan only blows on high. One thing after another goes wrong. Please tell me I won't have to pull it out again.
  9. slowpokedodge

    A/C recharge replaced evaporater core

    Can you get pag 100 mixed with a/c refrigerant in a 12oz can. That would make the oil easy to put in sense the vacuum is already pulled. I should have asked this question before I put it all back together. Thanks. I found some on amazon. Maybe napa will have it. I will check tomorrow.
  10. slowpokedodge

    A/C recharge replaced evaporater core

    Thank you. The vacuum is holding so maybe the leak is fixed.
  11. Just got dash put back in and ready to charge up the ac. Do I need to add any pag oil, looked like some ran out of the old core? Thanks.
  12. slowpokedodge

    Rubber hose on evaporator

    I will check there when I get it back together. The foam on this door is rotten but still there. Maybe lowes will have something to replace it with.
  13. slowpokedodge

    Rubber hose on evaporator

    Thanks for the reply's. I guess I have wasted my time on this. Neither the heater core or the evaporator core was leaking. I have a leak in my ac system and had it narrowed down to the evaporator core. There is no oil or oily spot on it. I had the yellow dye put in it when I replaced the compressor about 3 years ago. I also added a can of freon that had red dye in it before I started this project. Could not find any red or yellow dye at any of the ac fittings and lines.
  14. I cannot get the old rubber hose that covers the evaporater's metal lines off. The new one did not come with them. Does anybody know where I can buy some replacements or what I can use instead? Thanks.
  15. Found a post on fixia that had a picture of the cable. The round part of the cable on the end plugs down into the black tower. I could see everything better after I got it down from its mounting place. Didn't break anything, maybe this will help someone else. Thanks.