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  1. Yes, have a bus probe running. There is a ton of traffic on that bus and it's quite difficult to isolate the single commands I'm looking for. I suspect what is happening is there are a lot of "acknowledge" CAN messages in response to the code I'm interested, lock unlock all doors. I'll keep searching. Maybe I'm close and just need some more focus time to zero in in the right ones.
  2. I have a custom CAN bus device (particle photon + CAN transceiver) plugged into the IHS bus on a 2018 Ram 2500. I'm attempting to find the codes to preform actions like: door lock/unlock mirror retract/extend start/stop engine I see all kinds of codes come across the bus, but have not zeroed in on exactly which ones I need. Does anyone have access to documentation on what the IHS codes are that can share? My purpose is to make my own remote control system (particle electron) instead of paying XM Guardian $250 a year for it. I figured I own the vehicle so I should be able to make my own electronics to talk to. I also was hoping to add functionality to my device like automatically retract the mirrors when I press lock or other similar items.
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