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  1. No nothing wild. I’m starting to lean toward my vp because I noticed last night loud injector clatter coming from the fuel lines from vp to the head. However it’s not throwing any codes still
  2. When held at about 1300rpm its jumping back and forth from 11-11.4 on the absolute throttle position%
  3. The truck has 303xxx but I rebuilt the motor at 300770 with new injectors.
  4. The fuel return line that come from the back of the block and goes to the pump in the tank with a quick disconnect is leaking.
  5. I just found out that I have a fuel leak but it’s on the return line on the sending unit. Would that cause my problems? In my mind I don’t see it because the supply still have the pressure it needs. But what do y’all think?
  6. I’m not getting any codes what so ever. On the scanner or the key trick. The last post I made when it said “I have to” must have got autocorrected because I meant to put “I have no” sorry should of double checked before I posted.
  7. The truck is a 2001 with a 6 speed don’t know if that matters. I am running the codes now to see what they say What I meant by the fuel pressure was my pillar gauge reads 16-17 depending how hard I’m in it, but it’s hooked up to the air dog after the filters though. And i I have to codes coming up on the scanner and none in the key trick.
  8. My gauge is reading 16-17 psi, but I’m not sure at the vp. I was gonna go get an actual gauge here in a minute and test it. I was talking to a shop down here and he told me to reset my valve lash but I can’t really see how that would effect it this bad. But I am gonna try that also if I’m getting good pressure at the vp.
  9. So I’ve been having this problem with my truck, it randomly started the other day, when the truck warms up at an idle it sounds likes it missing, when I am driving it and hold it at a steady rpm around 1500 it surges and then when you rev it up, or let off the throttle to while it is in gear it takes a while to idle back down. I already tried to clean the injectors and changed the fuel filter and the water separator. Don’t know what else to do. Anybody know what’s going on?
  10. I rebuilt the motor and then ran into problems with rod bolts got them changed and put everything back together. When I rebuilt it I put all new gaskets, new pistons and all new bearings.
  11. Got everything all back together. Took it down the road last night and it starts spitting and sputtering about 2, 000 RPM. Lots of white smoke. I have a air dog and my filters were pretty clogged gonna change them now, but gauge is still reading 16psi of fuel. Have 150hp injectors with less than 1000 miles on em. And suggestions?
  12. I rebuilt it, not the first one I’ve done but definitely the only one I’ve done that’s ever caused me this many problems. I torqued it down to what the book said to, that is why I’m kind of puzzled at this point.
  13. Dropped the oil pan and found that one of the bolts for 4th cylinder rod cap had snapped, took the other one out and it had a curve to it. Was able to remove the broken bolt out by hand. The bearings and cap look good and I felt around on the crank and no scarring occurred. Now just waiting for the new bolt because none of the part stores around me can get them. Any thoughts on how this could have happened, or why it didn’t break when torqued down to spec?
  14. Hey sorry for the delay message back. I got it all figured out. I pulled the computer off the side of the block and sanded down where it meets and put die electric grease and it started to work and the key problem was the relay was bad. Got it all started and had antifreeze leaking from the back of the motor. Dropped the tranny again thinking it was a freeze plug on the back and started it up to confirm and it’s knocking hard from the oil pan. Getting ready to drain the oil and drop the pan now. And one got any suggestions on what u could be running into now? I just need to get my truck back on the road haha
  15. Update: got the wait to start light on. Took the starter off my other Cummins And it will crank if you hot wire the starter it will crank but won’t do anything with the key.
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