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  1. Ok sounds good that's all I needed to know! Thanks alot for all the help!
  2. I'm at 100% throttle,51psi boost and 3800rpm. I am not unhappy with it, I was just courious as to the 90% was all lol
  3. I was going over my data log from Friday's run. On the wire tap % I'm at 90%. Is there a reason why I'm only getting 90% and not 100%?
  4. I tried your tune out last night! I have no more reving problem and the truck seems to run the best it ever ran! Thanks so much for the help!!!!
  5. Lol ok sounds good bud! I'll let u know how it does tomorrow!! Thanks a bunch!!!
  6. Ok sounds good, i had a feeling timing was on the low side!. I will give it a try tomorrow evening and let you know how I make out! Thanks for the help! The quadzilla will only allow me to go to 30° not 32°
  7. Power level:9 RPM LIMIT:4000 VALET MODE:25% MAX FUEL STRETCH :5800 TPS MAX: 75% TPS MIN: 15% MIn. Pump tap fueling: 10% Pump low boost scale: 5 psi Boost scaling: 20 psi Fuel load timing: 0° Low psi timing reduct: 3° Timing reduct scaling: 100% Light throttle timing adv: 0° Light throttle limit: 0° 1500RPM: 16° 2000RPM: 19° 2500RPM: 21° 3000RPM: 23° 3500RPM: 25° 4000RPM: 26° MAX: 27° 0PSI:110 1PSI:111 2PSI:112 3PSI:113 4PSI:114 5PSI:115 6PSI:116 7PSI:117 8PSI:118 9PSI:119 10PSI:120 11PSI:122 12PSI:123 13PSI:125 14PSI:128 15PSI:131 16PSI:134 18PSI:137 20PSI:140 22PSI:142 24PSI:144 26PSI:146 28PSI:148 30+PSI:150 This is the last tune I have ran.
  8. Will do right after work today! Thanks!
  9. I would say 7 or 8 sec or so give or take. I'm new to tuning myself and wasnt sure if I have something set wrong or what not. I've messed with just about every setting on here lol.
  10. I recently bought a Quadzilla Adrenaline 4k v2 programmer and am having some tuning issues I cant seem to figure out. I only use the truck for sled pulling and do not drive it on the road. The main issue I'm having is at the end of the pull it will stay revved up after i let off the pedal for a short time and then come down to an idle. Any help would greatly be appreciated!!
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