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  1. yes i check for codes almost every other day and i dont have any i use the key trick and i also have a obd2 i plug into it :banghead:
  2. finally got around to the truck checked intercooler boots they are ok. grounds are good frome what i could actually find. could this have anything to do with wastgate or maybe I purchased another faulty vp44? my fuel mileage is falling as well i was getting 18 to 20 befor the new vp now i was getting around 16 now its getting 14 and its falling. injectors maybe?
  3. so i fixed the cracked check valve now my fuel pressure seems to hold at 21 and 22, 18 and 19 wot(at least something got fixed today). i dont know where to start looking for grounds at. is there anything out there that tells you where the grounds are. --- Update to the previous post... another thing i forgot to mention a couple times my boost gauge would read 49 and 50 and when it did that it would smoke a ton on all levels like it started running how it was before the new pump but i dont know what would cause the 49 lbs of boost ive already sent my quadzilla back once already (now that the warrantee is gone ill bet they find something wrong)
  4. i was tinkering with the fuel lines and pulled the return line check valve off and it has a crack across one of the holes on it could this be causing me any of my problems? and what i mean by not running right is it has less power than it had befor the new pump and i can turn my tuner on level 10 and not see any more power and theres less smoke than on level 3. im not going for big smoke clowds or anything but it is a clue somethings wrong
  5. ive had it on the truck about 2 years it worked great before i put in a new vp44
  6. my fuel pressure is at 19to 20 at idle and 16 to 18 at wot
  7. has a adrenaline and new vp44 fuel pressure is good but it dont fuel like it should ive asked a few diesl shops and no body can tell me what to look for :banghead: so does any one have any info that could help
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