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  1. 00 2500 4x4 quad cab so I had to replace my heater core it was leaking replaced the evaporator core as well the ac never worked when I bought truck figured while I was replacing those I would do the liquid line and the drier as well everything seems to be operating right compressor is cycling but still not getting cold air in cab I checked blend door it is operating correct I believe any help would be appreciated I have no gauges also
  2. 00 dodge 2500 24 valve 5.9 4x4 never had to use ac went to use it was inop so I figured I would replace the liquid line and accumulator and charge system so I did and no cod air checked the blend door it is working noticed the line I replaced gets cold and system seems to be operating but no cold air in the cab any help would be appreciated thank you in advance
  3. Thank you I was thinking possible crank sensor I have no access to scanner and can’t drive anywhere to get scanned maybe I’ll just grab one and install and hope for the best
  4. Hello new here need some help my truck was driving fine no issues at all I stopped shut truck off for about 20 min then went to start truck to leave and would not start had no fuel at the valve on injector pump so I swapped the lift pump and bled system and truck fired right up drove around for a couple hours parked and went to start truck and same thing no fuel pressure and would not start I did notice the after first replacement of the lift pump Tac was inop any help would be appreciated have limited tools as I’m out of state working thank you in advance 00 2500 5.9 4wd automatic 310000miles
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