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  1. I believe they are a Bd injector I’ve had a few nozzles replaced with there’s so that’s what I’m going with. I will give it that a try with the 85% thank you very much for your advice. Would you suggest going up by 1-2% through the board after that?
  2. Awesome I will try that thank you very much. When you say 5-8% do you mean like if it’s at 70 move it up to 75?
  3. As in up the boost fueling correct? I am running your tune for compounds with large injectors and I adjusted the fuelling up by 4% each spot and it made it a little better. Should I just add more fuel to that tune or would you suggest giving this one a try?
  4. So I’m running 100hp injectors a Bd hot rod vp44 a stage 4 colt cam and a s300 on top of an ht3b compound setup. I tried the larger injectors compound tune that is on here but my mpg is not the greatest and still gets a little hot including my coolant temps when I hit large hills sitting around 1100 egt. I’m towing prob around the 17k gross weight have a camper with a 18’ trailer and a full size crew chev on a trailer. I adjusted the boost fuelling a little to compensate for my smaller injectors and my egys got a little better. Would this tune be ok do you think for my setup?? poc of what I’m towing lol
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