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  1. removed the ecm, connectors where dry. still cleaned it out and put some dielectric grease on it. when i connected the positive it had a bit of a spark which directs me to a bad sensor or short somewhere? the search continues!!
  2. Gonna try that as soon as i get home! will let you know how it goes!
  3. about 3/4 of the tire maybe top of bottom of bumper.
  4. I have a feb of 2009 6.7 dodge 2500. I was driving home from Houston last Thursday during the tropical storm. A couple of people where stranded in the middle of the road on top of there cars so i figured my truck was high enough to help. I got everyone to safety and pulled a couple cars out and disconnected all there batteries for them. The truck surprisingly held up and got me home. Unlucky for me no good deed goes unpunished right? Two days later i am taking my son to school and the truck dies. All the dash lights come on. The truck did not want to turn over or do anything for that matter. I sat there for about 10 minutes and tried again. It started up and made it to Autozone.... The engine light was on along with the red thunderbolt. They pulled the codes, checked the battery and alternator and found code PP2509 and a bad battery. So i replaced the battery, everything seemed good after that. The truck ran good with no issues for about 5 days until i was exiting, decelerating and everything shut off again. Same symptoms. This time it didn't start after 10 minutes, it was more like 30. I had it towed home and then waited to do a deep scan. Two codes where stored and two where active. C2202: original vin mismatch missing C2206: vehicle configuration mismatch U0100: lost communication with ecm/pcm "A" U0141: lost communication with ipm (fcm/tipm) So luckily i knew a guy who was able to bring a computer to re-flash my computer with all the updates. cleared all the codes and let it run for 45 minutes. Started to drive it home and got about 10 miles and boom, same thing. So at this point i know im divining into a pcm/ecm/tipm/wiring harness issue. I started to mess with the tipm while the diagnostic was hooked up and it through a fuel injector code. and a couple other codes that i will have a report on shortly to upload. I dont know where to start, i cant get it into a shop till monday and cant keep my hands off it till monday either. I was told a 5v check needed to be done to see what if any system was affected. Again i dont know how to do a pin-out on this truck or where to check first. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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