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  1. You might be able to check each barrel for pressure. Like compression check on an engine. You might have a bad plunger in one of the barrels too. Either way those can be replaced. Also there are some centrifugal weights that might be going bad. I would bet on a plunger tho.
  2. Hey guys, so my truck will go into o/d when the temps are cool. I’m refraining from saying “cold” because it doesn’t ever get cold where I am. Relative to most of the world. Haha once my trans temp gets up around 100 deg F my pcm doesn’t send the ground signal to engage o/d. It will hold as long as I’m in it, but once disengaged it will not re engage as long as trans temps are above 100 deg. I checked the resistance that the temp sensor is sending to the pcm and it is accurate, as long as the key is off or the pcm is unplugged. As soon as I plug it in or turn the key on I lose about 400ohms resistance. Idk why. Plz help. I got a reman pcm from Chrysler and it’s not very old. I’ve tried running a resistor in-line the sendor wire but idk if I didn it right because it didn’t yield good results. plz help. This truck has been a tough fighter. Haha
  3. I went to O’Rielleys and bought a coolant temp sensor. They had one designated for the pcm. I plumbed it in above the thermostat housing and ran a couple quick wires to the plug that sends that to the pcm.
  4. Yes. I even replaced the sensor for the heck of it
  5. @dripley i am reading this via cheap Bluetooth scanner at the moment, but I have borrowed expensive scanners from friends and they show the same thing. P0118-Engine Coolant Temp sensor 1 circuit voltage too low
  6. I’ve been trying to get rid of this fault code for years. I have done lots of resistance/voltage tests and I’ve tried like 3 different PCMs Any and all help is greatly appreciated.
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