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  1. I agree it was a thought but I knew the possible ramifications if I did so I did the right thing. When I get back from this trip I will take it in to get fixed.
  2. OK Thank you for the help. It just bites that it has gone bad when I have only turned it on maybe 5 times since picking it up. But oh well at least its still under warranty I guess.
  3. OK guys now I need a little advice. My awning light on my trailer stopped working the remote I have use to turn it on the switch never did for some reason. So I plugged my trailer in and I was checking everything and noticed the light didnt work I turned the switch on it blew a fuse. I whipped out the volt meter and it shows a little over 13 volts going out when the switch is on and 16 amps. The fuse that the dealer put in it was a 15 amp. When we picked up the trailer they said they had to replace a fuse which is the same fuse that is blowing now. So my question is do I put a bigger fuse just to check it out? Is the LED strip bad now? The reason I am asking is I am leaving friday to go on a trip. I have been trying to leave work early to take it to the dealer so they can look at it with no luck. I was hoping this could be an easy fix that I could take care of. Thanks for any the help.
  4. my brothers truck when the voltage gauge drops low below 14 it puffs white smoke and idles rough once it kicks back up over 14 its fine runs like there was nothing wrong. Then my truck started doing it also. But has not done ever since I installed my brake controller for the trailer.
  5. The guy did an awesome job with the weight distribution hitch install i have bags but no air in them and it does not even look like I am hauling anything.
  6. Thanks! yes you are right but I wish it happened after a few months and a couple of camping trips. But I am excited to get out and go camping.
  7. Well I brought her home Monday I got it in the spot but not without a battle scar I had to re- position and instead of taking my time I flew out like a moron and caught the brick wall. But after 30 min and some frustration I got it
  8. Thanks for the help and great advice and I really mean it . I will let you know how my first backup session goes today. I can not wait to go make memories my kids are bugging me already to go camping Lol!
  9. Well its official I get to pick up my trailer on Monday I think my kids are more excited than me Lol! Are there any little things I need to get? I have wheel chalks, they are giving me hoses but I do not know what quality they are. Do I need some kind of level? Anything else?
  10. He did say they give you hoses but to buy a better "black" one with a clear elbow to see when it is clean. He said he was going to talk to his boss about getting a power jack which is not that big of a deal to me but hey if he gets it no complaints here. He also said he will try and get a check made out to us for a TV we can install our selves. It does not freeze where I live so I should be good right? Well I guess when it gets below freezing in the winter. Is there an online list of things that are a must? I guess I could ask them since it would be more money they can make off me.
  11. Thanks guys I will leave it stock. Ok so we went looking today. So after looking at few 27 ft'rs my wife fell in love with this a forest evo 2850 31.7ft long sticker was 32,547 "on sale" 25,688. When my wife said she liked it "I said well the guys on forum said go bigger than what you think" it has plenty of room for all of us to sit and relax. it holds 57 gal fresh Gray is 75 and black is 40 gross weight is 7786. So tuesday I think we may go and pull the trigger.
  12. Ok yea some of the models I have been looking at have plastic so I was concerned. I did read however that the porcelain doesn't stain. So I was thinking about putting one in what ever one we bought but 230 plus an 1 hour of labor seemed a little pricy to me.
  13. Ok. I actually asked this sales men at johnnie walker rv and he said not really worth it plus he said a 2012 is fairly new and no need for one. Yes I agree I like some models with a "u" dinet only but if it rains I do not know where my family of 5 would hang out. It would be tight. That denali is like 36ft so I am concerned because some of the campsites I want to go to max is 30 there are only to with a max of 45. Plus a rookie behind the wheel. Lol. I noticed that most of the trailers have plastic toilets isn't procelain toilets better? I know most of the jaycos have them is it hard to have one put in or put in?
  14. You don't understand how helpful this is so thank you!!!! So I will check all that I may see if the wife and I can check it out tomorrow. Now if I pull the trigger will the rv place offer a warranty? Should I get it?Aslo Wild n Free said I shouldn't pay more than 75% of the sticker price so I can negotiate a brand new trailer if need be? Do any of you use a spare tank to fill your fresh water up?
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