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  1. Thanks so much!! Im done. Just gonna sell truck as is!!
  2. I have the guage connected to the fitting on the back of the fuel filter. How do I tell if the injection pump is working properly??
  3. Yes correct!! No gas in Tank!! FUEL!!!! lol. Anyway im just getting very aggravated with this whole situation!! This problem has been going on for quite awhile now and doesn't seem like im getting anywhere on the fix!! I don't need a diesel truck anymore so I would like to sell it to someone who can use it!! But I would like to have it running rite for the next owner. I would also like to get as much money for it as possible!! Anyway the reason I mentioned the 2cycle oil thing again is because now that ive done fuel pressure test and nothing seems to be wrong with pump I was just wondering if it was even worth doing?? U say a couple quarts for a full tank. Any type ok?? Thanks. Guess it cant hurt.
  4. Hello everyone who has been trying to help me with the limp mode problem with my truck when cold!! I got the fuel pressure guage. With just key on and lift pump running I got 18psi. With truck running I got 18psi. and under load even in limp mode pressure doesn't drop below 12-14psi. Fuel pressure seems to be good. Now what do I do?? Could it be an air problem?? I did take the turbo out and got the wastegate completely unstuck!! And ran air thru the diaphragm and the arm moved fine. Is there a chance that with the wastegate stuck closed for so long that that made something else go bad?? Please any new ideas would be great!! I would really like this limp mode problem solved before I sell the truck!!! Thanks again. PS: Not sure if I mentioned this but the other morning before work I had a few extra minutes so I let the truck warm up all the way before driving. When I did drive there was no limp mode!! Drove great all the way to work. More suggestions please on what problem could be when cold PLEASE!! Should I put some 2cycle oil or biodiesel in with gas??
  5. I hate to keep repeating myself but unless I can be 100% sure my problem is the VP44 I don't have $1000 for that at the moment!! I am going to rent the fuel pressure guage and hopefully that will give me a more definite answer?? This problem has been going on now for quite awhile, And now that its winter it is really bad!! At work I cant plug my truck in and when I go to leave I try and let it warm up for as long as I can. But it still almost imediately goes into limp mode and I end up holding up traffic for as long as the engine takes to kick in and run properly!! I know its not the Turbo anymore because I took the turbo out and got the wastegate linkage unstuck!! It was seriously seized up!! Anyway unfortunately doing that didn't seem to do anything at all!! So now im gonna need to check fuel pressure and hopefully that tells me whats going on for sure?? Ive just heard things like Crank sensor. Cam sensor. And two different fuel pumps!! I gotta figure this out soon!! lol Thanks!! I may just try that!! Will adding those things to the fuel possibly make my engine not go into limp mode when cold?? Thanks again!! I will go rent the fuel pressure guage. Then let u know what I come up with. Looks like I mite have to save my pennies for a new VP44. I think u mite be rite about the piston thing. Sounds logical!! lol. Just don't want that to be it!!! lmao
  6. Thanks again for everyones help!! Now I have the P0216 trouble code!! Im really hoping its not a bad injection pump!!! Code reader says the cause is DTC P0251,P0335, and P0370 are not set. Engine speed has not changed over 56rpm for 5 seconds. Then the PCM detected there was a 5 degree difference between Actual and Desired injector timing. Condition met for 2 seconds. I don't understand any of that!!!! Can someone please give me somewhere to start?? Like I have stated before. Truck starts fine but wont go more than 30mph for like 2 miles. Then everything changes and truck goes just fine!! Ideas PLEASE!!!!
  7. Those 2 explanations that were SHORT AND SWEET WERE PERFECT!!!!!!!!!! ALL THAT CRAZY MECHANIC MUMBO JUMBO WOULD TAKE ME SCHOOLING TO LEARN!!!!!!!!! LMAO. I DONT HAVE TIME FOR THAT TODAY!!!!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!! SORRY Here we go again with abbreviations!!!! lmao. DAP?????????? lol Going out to Rip into Turbo!! lol Could someone send some warmer weather this way?? lol
  8. Im sorry I really don't understand these explanations!! Could u please tell me where u think I should start with all this?? What is WOT?? Some of these abreviations I don't know what they meen?? Where is the TIMING PISTON located??VP44. Is that the FUEL INJECTION PUMP?? Is the timing piston inside the fuel injection pump?? Please don't give up on me!! I can turn wrenches and get the job done!!! I just need to know what to do and where to start!!!! PLEASE JUST TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK I SHOULD DO TO GET STARTED!!! Like I say im having trouble understanding all this crazy lingo!! lmao. SHOULD I START BY TAKING THE TURBO OFF AND SEEING IF THE WASTEGATE IS STUCK?? OR SHOULD I GO AND GET A CAN OF INJECTOR CLEANER AND PUT IT IN THE GAS,TAKE TRUCK FOR A RIDE AND SEE IF THAT WORKS?? THANKS!!!!!!
  9. Mopar1973Man thanks again for your help!! First of all I cant believe that both of our ideas are the problem?!?! You said fuel problem and I said turbo problem!!!! This is crazy!!! These explanations are not in plain enough English for me to comprehend fully!! lol. But from what I do understand is that I may need to replace Wastegate.(possibly complete Turbo)? And may have to replace Fuel Injection Pump?? Am I correct Sir?? Where do u suggest I start with this caos???? Thanks!! PS: What is DTC???? lol
  10. I cant believe all the responses and help yall are putting forth!! Its like yall are friends and I thank you!! Now is the time I really need the help!!! I received the OBDlink and got it working on my phone!! There are a few things it wants to know about my truck that I don't understand!! lol I will ask yall about them later. Anyway I got the CODES!!!! I hope?? lol They are PO234 and PO216. P0234 says its the Turbo or supercharger. My question on that one is DO I LOOK INTO THE WASTEGATE???? And P0216 says Injector/ Injection timing control unit. WHAT DO I DO ABOUT THAT ONE??? PLEASE HELP SOON!! It would be great if I could get out and work on this TODAY?!?>!?!??! tTHANKS AGAIN EVERYONE!! I HOPE EVERYONE GETS THIS!!!!!! Thanks for your idea!! I believe u are talking about doing that at Autozone or wherever they have a reader that only works with CEL on. Am I correct?? Anyway I got the OBDlink lx andi believe got the codes I need!! Now I just need to know where to begin to fix the problems!!! And what the actual problems are?? As far as a CEL I haven't seen mine on ever either!!! Which hopefully is a good thing!! lol
  11. Thanks!!!!! Steering wheel straight again!!!! I can actually see the speedometer now!!!! lol. I had a friend from across the street come over to make sure wheel was turning the rite way. And when to stop!! Worked out Perfect!!!! Thanks again!!! Well mine is supposed to be here tomorrow!! Hope when I get out of work it is here and I can get it going and figure out whats up with my truck!! The weather here in Buffalo seems to be taking a little break from the winter storm we had last week. So hopefully I can get outside this weekend and get it done!! Im pretty excited to see what this thing can do!!!!
  12. Well Mopar1973Man. I ordered the obdlink lx. supposed to be here tomorrow. I will hopefully not have problems using it and getting codes?!!! Anyway I hope this works and tells us whats going on with truck. I appreciate ur offer to go over the codes with me!! I will let u know how it works out!! Thanks Thanks!! it is ordered and said to be here tomorrow!! Looking forward to getting my own codes instead of waiting on someone to come over who by the way was going to charge me $50 anyway!! lol. or taking it to a shop and leaving it there. Cant really do that. its my only vehicle!! lol. So getting my own!! God I hope this does what I need it to do!!!!!! Thanks for your input!! I really need to get this truck running rite and get it sold!! Hey does anyone Know how to get a steering wheel straight?? I had some front end work done and now the steering wheel is sideways when im going straight!! it sucks cuz I cant see half the gauges on the dash!! Thanks!!
  13. Mopar1973Man. Should I purchase the OBDLINK LX??
  14. So do u think I should purchase the OBDLINK LX?? It will work on my 01?? Im not great with setting up apps or software. Is it pretty easy to set up and operate?? Thanks again.
  15. Im just a little concerned because the code readers that Autozone have wont read anything unless your CEL is on. I would be blown away to see just a wire that plugs into my truck and other end into my computer do all the things they say it does. For $30?? Really??
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