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  1. It s not the same brake light switch like mine. Mine is other model older than it. I dont know if I the procedure is the same. I have a hole square it s different
  2. Yes I think it s the brake switch, because I ve touched it and it works intermittent. It s strange. I ve changed it about 10 month. It s sensitive?? So thank you for your help.
  3. Hi, so to disturb everybody, but anyone could help me to find the little problem with my stop lights? They dont work, I ve changed the bulbs, control the fuse, it-s ok. So I ve no current which arrive to the brake pedal switch? On fuse there is 12,5 volt? How can I do? Thank you for your help
  4. Ok, I found a little solution for abs light! I remove the dash glass and I put black scotch behind the gauges. And it works waiting I send the abs module to repair
  5. Ok. I m going to buy 1994-2013 Dodge Ram 2500 3500 3.5" Front Level Lift Kit w/Spring Compressor Tool. I will lift the front and will change the front absorber shock too. And after I ll do the rear .
  6. After I found this about vp44. I hope that help people. BoschDistPump-vp44.pdf Its good. So I have 265 75 r16, it works good too but I dont know if I can put bigger than this?
  7. I dont know if in France diesel is better or not, that I ve seen was about 30 years about my granfather. After I dont want put inside something which broke my vp44 or my pistons .
  8. ok!! I have no bio diesel in my city !! With vegetable oil ( new) in my climate is mediterranen , is not cold !!! But do I need to change or put an other tank and pump and heater for the oil or can I mix with diesel?
  9. I live in France not in US. The pressur is very good beetween 17 20 psi. I ve changed the oe fuel pump to another, and I put fuel gauge on the fuel filter port . I have a 265 75 r 16 bf goodrich. I put too wd40 in the tank, and it works good. But I prefer 2 oil strokes. I woumd like to try to put colza oil, or vegetable oil (new not used) to see if it works, but Im afraid for the moment with this! I hab an old volvo 240 diesel and it works good with a bosh injection pump, but with vp44 I dont know if it s possible to put for example 20 liters mix with diesel
  10. Ok but for the moment I cant take other pictures because it is in a parking. When I can I take others!!!! I like this truck, it has 205 000 Km , I like too the old car like 50's cadillac, !!! It s a big big dream for me!!! I was born in a diesel familly, because my granfather was mechanic diesel expert !!! In my country all is small!!!!! the car are little, the way are little!!! But its not problem for me to drive a big truck!!!!! That the reason why I like to maintain my US truck !!! I m afraid about any components, like injection pump VP44 , so I put 2 stroke oil inside mix diesel
  11. no, I just want to lift about 10 centimeters!! I dont want to climb mountain!!! Ive seen this parts on sell , and I just want to know if its good for my ram 2500 and if I need to change other part if I install this kit.?
  12. HI everybody, after abs , I would like to know how to lift the rear of the truck, mine has already rear blocks under the leaf springs ,I would like up more, I ve seen these blocks on web to sell . Do you think I can add new other blocks over and change the U bolts with shocks ?????? And what do I need to change except absorber shocks if I raise the rear of the trucks because I have no idea. I would like to lift about 10-15 cms . Sorry for my little english , but thank you very much for your help!!!! I learn mechanic thanks to you
  13. Ok so thank you very much everybody for your help. I think I m going to send my module to module master. Thank you Yes I ve seen. Iunplug it and I had no speedometer. I think all the wires are multiplex it s a problem, so I will send my module to module master. Thank you you very much for your great help.
  14. Ok, So there is only an other solution, to remove the bulb and paint it black thank you for your help. or there is another solution , I have dodge ram 2001 book with all diagrams, there are so many things its not easy to understand all, so I think, there is a signal out to the abs module to the pcm, If I know the voltage or the ohms of this signal I can bypass it with other electronic components and the signal out will go to the PCM without changing, and the light never comes because the PCM think the abs module works perfectly! SO I need to know which wire go from ABS
  15. Hi, Excuse me to disturb you, I have a dodge ram 98.5 cummins 24v with 4wd, and I would like to remove definityvely the light on instrument panel ( not the bulb) , but I would like to remove all abs wire which go to the dash board and cause the lights on . I have changed all wheels speed sensors, and I think its now the abs module. SO As I have no money to change it I would like to remove. I imagine there is a wire behind the instrument cluster which arrive to signal a problem with abs , so I would like to cut it to finish with this. Thank you for your help.
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