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  1. Thanks Jag really appreciate that you took the time to help me out. I found the guy but i cant post anything until i get approval on nwbombers.com which may take some time BTW i got a 2nd estimate of 3k ballapark from a shop nearby.
  2. No I am not thinking about doing it myself. Hoping to get good work for a fair price. Also i am willing to drive to a good shop within reason.
  3. Figured Mike did the work himself. My 1st estimate was $2600 got another estimate on 16th. Thanks.
  4. Thanks JAG. Is there a link online to the forum i want to be in?. I am wiling to travel as i dont need the truck until spring really. Arlington is just around the corner. I do have an appt for a 2nd estimate on 16th Dec at a diesel shop.
  5. I will get to the shop ASAP if i can get that sort of deal!!
  6. Thanks. Do you mean pull and repair the head gasket and then use 425 ARP studs instead of bolts? Anyone n my neck of the woods you can recommend?
  7. Is this a small free plug next to the corner that's leaking?
  8. Thanks for taking the time to take a look. What estimate am i looking at to repair. Its a work rig and not a performance rig. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1GgwKBgEVNIetjNn3qND-NIrURpgbp2oA?usp=sharing
  9. more pics of mostly back of block from underneath Thanks for taking the time to take a look. What estimate am i looking at to repair. Its a work rig and not a performance rig.
  10. My rig is for my business and im a noob but learning fast. Ive spent quite a lot of $$ on it. Im hoping its not a HG replacement as that aint cheap shop work.
  11. I am up in Everett. I have been taking it to a diesel shop but pricing is too high and they never did get my AC sorted even though they charged me. So quit going there. I have an appt at another diesel shop that has very good reviews so getting 2nd opinion. Who does your work?
  12. Thanks so much for advice, i really appreciate you taking the time to reply with your experience. The tech said he did a pressure test and said it was leaking from a small freeze plug at the rear of the block. He said he had to pull the block to repair it. I appreciate advice on the pressure test . I may go ahead and do it just to satisfy my curiosity. With the motor running its too hot to feel or see exactly where its at. My main concern is to keep coolant out of oil until my 2nd estimate. then i can decide what to do.. My oil and coolant are clean and im
  13. Thank you for your expertise. I think that the cylinder head gasket is leaking coolant rather than a rear plug. Those pictures seem to suggest it. There is a freeze plug above that location but it felt dry whilst below was all wet with coolant. I will run the motor and check the stream 1 more time now i am more familiar with how things are situated back there. I got an estimate of $2600 to remove head and replace gasket, bolts etc and repair. That tech said it was a small freeze plug. When the motor is running i can see the coolant stream leak which is coming from that locatio
  14. 99 dodge ram 2500 turbo diesel. 5.9 24v. I am curious if this is a head gasket or freeze plug leak. its leaking coolant from back of block. tech reckons plug. That corrosion however looks ominous. Ive been quoted $2600 to repair with removing head etc. the pics are from below. As a complete novice can i drive the truck to another shop for a 2nd estimate.
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