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  1. I have narrowed down my power issue to I hope what is the ECM. I get a lack of power at consistently 35 mph+. The guy who did this swap used the ECM from the manual 2001 and it had some sort of tune on it that no one seems to know. Just trying to find someone to flash it back to stock and start my troubleshooting from there. My local dealer said they do not do any electronics like that for my year of vehicle.
  2. @JAG1 I am going to assume it’s a factory apps. I did a reset and scanner shows 0%-100% again assuming but I’m betting factory injectors with 200k miles I’m them turbo is in good shape. No in or out up or down play. ‘No cat or muffler from the 5 inch straight pipe.
  3. @dripley no it’s correct. At about 2000 rpm is when the truck will finally cross that 25% mark of engine load and actually be able to get out of its own way. I am at a complete loss other than to try an ecm flash for the manual swap
  4. @Evan when unplugged the only change is that I get a CEL otherwise everything else is the same @dripley that’s exactly how mine is. You aren’t getting there fast but you can get to most posted speed limits. Ran with a scanner today and the map increased and decreased as it should but only hit a high of 25% engine load. Only concern was engine off key on map shows 21 psi of boost
  5. @dripley ok thank you for all the help. I am going to do that and then more than likely check the splice for the map with a live data read to see if it drops during its issue.
  6. @dripley where would one go about programming the ecm? Also only code I’m getting after deleting driving and checking 2 times now is the p0602
  7. @dripley this is how it has been since it was created. When the motor had the auto tranny it ran fine no issues but since swapped to 5 speed chassis it has acted like this
  8. @dripley I’ve been thinking map also but I have no code for it. Don’t feel like tossing a 100 dollar sensor at it. Oil pressure on dash is always pegged at max even if engine isn’t running due to the swap.
  9. @kzimmer above 25mph low rpm high throttle it does what seems like nothing. Just keeps slowly gaining speed @Mopar1973Man error codes for ecm are 0602 0230. Shows a 1693 on dash but no code with hand held scan tool. Has an air dog that keeps proper fuel pressure i might add it’s an 02 body and motor that was the auto on a 01 chassis and trans that was the manual using the 01 wire harness
  10. So long story short truck has a nv4500 swap from an 01 with an 02 motor that had the auto. Truck is extremely gutless until around 2000 rpms. Once you hit that it’s a completely different truck. Has an air dog that keeps 18psi fuel pressure. Have cleaned both iat and map. Can free rev all day but once you put a load in it there is a very noticeable lack of power. Checked codes and only codes I am getting are for the auto trans.
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