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  1. Update- So I fixed the leaks on the fuel lines. It was leaking around the check valve. I put some thread tape on and it resolved the issue. I noticed that I am having a very small amount of oil leaking around the Fuel Boss. I assume this means that I did not put enough RTV on the bolts or that I didn't tighten them down. So that's what I will be working on next. I am still only getting about 15psi at idle which doesn't sound like a problem according to the manufacturer. One question I have now is, I need to secure the fuel lines. What have you all done that has worked well. The obvious is to use zip ties but I am wondering if there is something better and more reliable. Thanks
  2. Thanks for this, @Ironforger It does look like I have a very small leak on the inline check valve. Hopefully adding some tape helps resolve the issue. I will keep you all posted on what else I find. The leak was very small on that valve so I missed it when I first started this thread, It has been kicking my butt but I am glad to have found it now.
  3. It's the check valve leading to the stock lift pump. It's in the link https://photos.app.goo.gl/ChcKdp2tcgr6ey279
  4. Good idea. Thanks, @JAG1 I would have covered the whole fitting. Thanks for the tip. @Gregturley ah, I didn't know that. Thanks! I will only use it on the check valve because those I know are not JIC.
  5. Looks like I need to pay for a membership. I used up my 5 posts yesterday. Anyway, I got under the truck last night. I drove it enough to see if a could find a leak. I actually found a leak coming out of the check valve that I installed. It's on the fuel line that runs up to the stock lift pump. I am guessing that is what's causing it to lose prime. When I installed it I didn't put any thread tape on those pipe fittings...rookie mistake. I am going to take them off today and see if the thread tape makes the difference. The below link is of the check valve that I am referring too. I am going to add thread tape to the T fitting also, because I am sure without it's also causing a little bit of air to leak in. I didn't realize thread tape was necessary on all pipe fittings. @dripley I never took my basket out. I cut out a piece of my filler neck and added a return manifold. The return line from the new mechanical pump runs to the return manifold. https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipMqfkEXO22u8XYE6Eabq7W7jfyFtKMej30JlGtVn9QZw25IY30Nuld5HtipLBE0Qw?key=cWJ1ZGRrc2xlM25wV3pwYUNWNjY5V2c1T3dCbXJB
  6. No. I had low fuel pressure. I bought the truck stock and put a gauge on it and saw it was pushing 2-6 psi. So last month i installed the new LP. I'm new to the site not sure the best way to upload pictures so hopefully these links work.https://photos.app.goo.gl/uyuE9ctBw6fwn8Sz9
  7. Yeah it's for the return. I didn't have to drop my tank at all. https://photos.app.goo.gl/MM4MgwQ8kqARBikK7
  8. I took off the inlet hose from the gas cap(forfot what it's called), cut an inch out and installed a return manifold then clamped off each end. @Dieselfuture
  9. I went with the fuel boss from Glacier Diesel Power. Thus far pump seems awesome I just wish I could keep the truck running. Is their a trick to find an air leak? @dripley The Parker fittings I ran on the new fuel lines seem pretty snug. Idle I get about 15ish psi and driving I get between 13 and 15. At 65 mph it's about 13.5. Does that seem sufficient? The pump is hooked to the harmonizer bolts. The fuel lines run straight to the tank. I have a Hobbs switch as a fail safe with the electric stock LP but it's not necessary. I believe everything is plummet correctly. I retraced the instructions three times. All of the valves are facing the right directions as well. I'll try to put a picture up of the pump. Could my vp44 possibly be bad?
  10. Now when the truck sits longer than 12-24 hrs I have to bleed the injectors to get it to start. I have not seen fuel leaking anywhere. Once I bleed the injectors the truck starts and runs fine. If I try starting it even after sitting 1-6hrs it starts just fine. I have not had the stock lift pump engaged its purely running the mechanical lift pump right now. Has anyone had this issue? 1998.5. This was the first mod I did to it. I did a ISS pro gauge and big line kit to the vp44 at the same time as the mechanical LP.
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