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  1. would like too take fan off and clutch and replace with electric fans. but dont wont to spend the 500-800$ for flex alite fans found a couple at oreilys for 100-200$ does anybody know if this will work?
  2. ok need new ball joints and tie rod ends. can a shade tree mechnic do ball joints? and what tools are needed or speciality tools are needed. also good ball joints? limited funds thats why i need to know if i can do this my self
  3. when i trun a/c on drivers side blows cold, but passenger side blows cool but not cold it takes at 20-30 minutes before it gets cold any ideas?
  4. so far so good no smoking yet thanks to everybody saved me aloooooot of money i hope!
  5. found three loose connections one on passenger side that the dealership just put in drivers both loose tighten all up seems too fine so far drove about 100 miles today smell hasnt come back. i hope this fixes it. thanks for the help.
  6. the other day i smelled a rotten egg smell in my cab looked under hood passenger side battery was smoking replaced battery today coming home same thing smell and smoking volt gauge in truck is showing above 14 -16 what is going on here?
  7. gonna need ball joints soon whats everybody using that wont break the bank. my truck is lifted and im running 37in tires.
  8. i keep hearing the overhead mileage meter is off, how bad are they off?
  9. how do i tell how tall of a lift kit i have? also how good are rough country lift kits? have heard good and bad im not playing hard with it my body is too hold for that? lol and cost too much!
  10. looked code up it says fan speed but truck runs fine no high temps is this something i need to replace now? and where is it located at if it is a sensor?
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