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  1. yah i went into the other modules in the computer and found a low voltage code in the transmission computer . cleared that then took it to the store same conditions happen but this time i have the p0216 injection pump timing failure what is the WT and pcm protection mod like what do you have to do for this ? and how would you check for the ac noise with a scope ? i reallie don't know diesel too well .
  2. i was checking for codes with a snap on scanner i am a technician i cleared all codes then went for a ride , and i have another code p0216 injection pump timing failure
  3. hey guys i have a 1999 dodge 2500 24 valve , at times if your are in the throttle above 2000 rpms the engine just cuts power then u have no pedal response even if you push it all the way down , but how ever if u let up for a split second the power comes back like nothing has happened at all. i do have the code p1693 in the computer i have not tried clearing the code yet . if any one can point me in the right direction please let me know thank you.
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