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  1. Vehicle: Bertha Category: 2nd Generation Date Added: 2020-02-11 Bertha
  2. So I have tried searching through posts on whats recommended. Ive been considering an edge monitor or pillar guages. I'm not really sold on quad because of connectivity issues and not having another device besides my phone to use. I use phone for music and handsfree so bluetooth would be tied up anyway. My questions with edge are; do they really monitor fuel pressure if so would it be before the injection pump where it matters? Also if it doesn't I'm assuming thats going to add to the price when you are already at 560 with monitor and EGT probe. I was also looking into diesel manor guage sets because they seemed pretty comprehensive but reviews leave me hesitant. SO what I'm really after are what do YOU use in your setup? How does it work for you? I also have not gone the tuning route yet because I don't feel like I have enough supporting mods to make that worthwhile yet which is why I have not considered tuning packages with monitors. Thank you in advance!!
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