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  1. Well after a sleepless night & little surfing on the net I concluded that the connector was my problem. I measures its depth when it's suppose to be together. It wasn't making contact all the way in. Checked pins for alignment & gave it a big squeeze. I have ty raps holding it together. Test drove it before putting the inner fender skirt back on for the 4th time. I am having a coffee then I'll go out & put it all back together.
  2. No its not resolved pulled it out of my shop & took it for a spin. The transmission selector is white but it wont shift out of first. Scanning the tcm I have 8 fault codes which never existed before. Does that mean I have eight wires in the connector not making contact? Thanks
  3. Problem solved. Transmission back to normal all white now. Problem: clip had crack in it after I took them apart so they did not slid all the way together. They are now. Thanks for the help.
  4. I have everything else going now but not the tranny ecu. I took the connectors apart again & sparked contact cleaner on them again. Checked the tranny fuse & it's ok. Do you know hat wires I should be looking at? Thanks
  5. I got most codes out now as i took both connectors apart & sprayed them again. I am a union electrician so I have lots of electronic cleaner & dielectric grease. I checked the fuse for the tranny controller & its ok. Do you know what wires are for the Asisn in the wiring harness? Thanks
  6. I have both & used both. Pulled the codes again UO101-00 seems to be my problem. Which connector harness behind the inner fender is the one for the tranny? I have them both open again. Thanks
  7. I have been having troubles with my ABS system. Originally i had both rear speed sensors being the fault. Replaced them with mopar originals reset the code all was well for a couple days. Then it came back. I can see the rpm on all 4 wheel sensors with my scanner. Sometimes the right rear wheel shows no speed than normal. I have had it show NA for all wheels while driving. I have had the scanner loose communications with the ABS as if it wasn't there. I have had it go out on its own & then it screws up the digital speedo only to set the code again & my speedo goes back to normal. This week i pulled it into my shop. I have a little farm with a nice shop to work in. I disconnected both batteries & checked the connector on the ABS module. It was ok no corrosion. I then checked the wiring from the rear wheel sensors. I took apart the connectors underneath the cab behind the inner wheel fender. I put everything back together & started it up. My gear selector is bright yellow & i have a few error codes. I can't erase anything & the truck won't shift out of first. The truck was fine other than the ABS & traction control on before this. WTF. I am out in the country & this is my only ride.
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