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  1. that's the testing that led me the replace the ecm in the beginning and the shop say the load tested the whole ecm plug. Talked the the mechanic today, asked about taking the ecm and pcm to cummins (about an hour away) to have them verify that they are good. I still think it is a computer issue, but the customer service is crap for the company i used. They don't answer the phone, don't return calls and barely respond to emails. I'm not even sure i would get it back it sent it back to them again.
  2. P 1689 code is still there. truck still idles but dies when the throttle is pressed. Sometimes if you're really light on the pedal it will rev a little bit and then die. If you get off the pedal fast enough it will just stumble and return to idle
  3. I pulled apart every connection i could find right after the no start. All plugs were clean and dry. Shop says they load tested all the wires in the ecm connector. I will ask if they have checked the fuel pressure since the new pumps were installed and if the code came back. I'll let you know what they say
  4. Shop says they were getting 1689 i think. It's the no communication from injection pump and ecm. Not sure if rhey are still getting it after the ecm was repaired the 2nd time
  5. Ok so here it goes. Bought my first cummins back in January, 2001 24v totally stock with an edge comp box. It had a bad oil leak so i tried to wash off the crud to help locate the leak ( yeah i know bad idea ) got side tracked and didn't mess with the truck for almost a week. When i did get back to it, it was a no start so i put a code reader on it an got a laundry list of codes. Long story short i came to the conclusion that it was the ecm, so i replaced it. Installed it, truck runs but if you touch to go pedal it dies instantly. Sent it to the shop. Replacd injection pump, lift pump, cam se
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