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  1. Ok guys bit of a bittersweet update. Long story short, the guy with the used pump and box tried to scam me. Unfortunate but I decided to just say screw it and ordered a redhead and a psc hi-flow pump for the truck. Praying it isn’t a hydroboost failure. Also getting the PS filters and looking into the cooler. Next week Saturday the truck goes on the lift for a whole lotta fun stuff and it needs to be dialed in by then. Will keep y’all updated if I get it fixed. Was thinking about opening up the HB and seeing if there’s any crap in there, any tips or advice for being sure that sucker
  2. Something like this looks pretty good. Not sure where I’d mount it have to look at the truck today. Summit Racing Derale PS cooler Are our lines 3/8 or 11/32?
  3. @NIsaacsPrestone PS fluid from autozone. Great sale right now. @Haggar Do the fittings for the ford cooler match up to the dodge box and pump? Did you plumb it in like that between the HB and the box? What lines did you use? I wish I had a post 7.3 superduty right about now. It’s become a running joke that the 6.0s in my group are the indestructible ones. In the time my friend has gone through 3 engines and 4 transmissions, he’s never blown a pump, box, hydroboost, never had brake problems, no axle problems, jumped the truck so many times his ball joints should be dus
  4. @Mopar1973Man I don’t believe I have an IR temp gun where I’m at currently but I can tell you that the lines out of the HB are damn hot, hot enough to burn me after driving the truck. That’s also in 95 degree heat mind you, everything burns regardless but the lines are very very hot even after driving 10 minutes and back to get a burger they’re almost burning. As for my ABS... an unfortunate alcohol fueled incident while working on my front end caused one of my ABS wires to become... cut. Never had an issue with that, brakes are **** anyway cant use ABS. Maybe I’ll disconnect the other one and
  5. Doesn’t do it when the truck/fluid is cold but here in LA it doesnt get below 55 or 60 at night so I don’t really notice the effects of ambient temp. This truck will have 37s on it within a year so there’s no way a quick ratio will survive nor do I really want one. Unfortunately the deal I had lined up on a redhead fell through. Guy decided he needed a spare in case his brand new psc big box went out. Must be nice...
  6. Just a bit of an update: I took the truck to Lake Tahoe and lake arrowhead and experienced the problem significantly worse in both those places than down around sea level, which says to me it’s related to air in the system. The system seems to bleed easily and I’m getting no froth or air in the pump at all. I also noticed that my steering box is leaking out of the shaft attached to the Pittman. This is pretty annoying since I bought the synergy brace to prevent that . Another thing I found is the box in my truck is absolutely a quick ratio box. A little over 2 turns lock to lock. Thinkin
  7. I’ll probably just buy that when I get new steering even if that isn’t the problem, looks like a sweet solution. I have full synergy steering and 3g track bar conversion coming for the truck but I doubt any of that will fix this.
  8. Yes, the truck is auto and when I let off and the engine returns to idle is when this binding happens. However, once I shake the bind loose it works great, pump will turn the tires fine at low speed but then it binds and quits again. It doesn’t groan like the pump is struggling it just doesn’t turn. For example this morning I pull into a parking lot, wheel binds when I slow down and pull in but then I shake it loose and find a spot and it pulls into the parking spot just fine. When I go to leave it binds up again. I did an adjustment on the top screw of the box probably 6 months ago and took a
  9. How do I tell if I have a quick ratio box? My steering column clunks like that as well, I wonder if it’s possible that the binding is occurring in the steering shaft due to worn bushings? Also, any way to determine if my pump is really bad or just shooting in the dark there?
  10. Why do you think this would only be happening when I let off the gas if it was the box binding? What would I do to check or adjust the box
  11. Hey guys I’m having a pretty scary issue with the truck recently that got pretty bad yesterday after a long trip. This issue or one similar seems to have occurred to the previous owner only 13k miles ago. This is the invoice for his repairs at 198k (212k now) Invoice I also have a synergy steering box brace. Whenever I’m not on the gas or the truck is decelerating the steering will get very heavy, if I’m on the highway I can tell there is no power assist when I’m on the gas. If I’m pulling into a driveway or pulling up to turn at a stop sign or something, the steering
  12. Fixed! @NIsaacs got it right. Sitting here twiddling my thumbs I went to the Napa in town and got a t3 gasket and decided to just replace it since I’ve got nothing else to do and sure enough no more scary sounds with the new gasket. There’s only a tiny bit of soot on the edge, I guess because it would only leak at high drive pressure when the smoke had cleared up? Not sure about that... Either way, thank you guys for being awesome as always
  13. OK guys so I went ahead and whipped up a boost leak checker with some help from a Cummins forum post. Pumped it up to 25psi, well over what my boost was when I would hear the noise, and nothing. Spraying soapy water there are no bubbles on the compressor side of the turbo anywhere, nor on the boots I can access. I can’t hear any leaks at all and in the 10-15 mins I let it sit pressurized no noticeable leak down in pressure. I feared this would be the result since I was getting full 35psi of boost and the truck felt the same making great power. Where do y’all think I should go from here?
  14. Would a rebuild on the turbo replace the parts that could be causing a leak? For how cheap the rebuild kits are and since it has 210k on the stock turbo I almost want to just go ahead and rebuild it
  15. OK so I checked all the manifold bolts nothing missing there. I decided to take the compressor housing off and see what’s up in there. On the inside of the housing there are several nicks in the casting, one of which is raised high enough that i believe would definitely hit the blades, the blades aren’t damaged but Some of the tips have bright spots like the blade had been rubbing on something recently. There is also a random scratching further inside the housing. More videos if you’d like to see for yourself. After I spin the shaft I check for play. If you turn on the sound it clunks pretty g
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