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  1. You are the man. That dude is lucky he didn't catch the wrath of sweet thing when that truck went thru the back of the garage. I have some gravel next to my driveway wide enough for both tires. I'll goose it and see what happens. I have an email into AAM about the label thing. If they respond I'll post it. http://www.thehamtramckreview.com/american-axle-says-it-will-close-down-last-remaining-plant/#:~:text=Last week%2C American Axle officials,reason work is stopping here. Thanks again
  2. That's great info, thanks. What prompted the investigation was just curiosity. This is my third Cummins, 98.5 24V and then a different 05 2500. I sold the 2500 to buy this 3500 because a newer 5th wheel had a huge pin weight and the 2500 was over in 3 specs as a result. I like to know what's what so I chocked the front tires and jacked it up by the pumpkin. Oddly when spinning the left rear tire counter clockwise the right tire didn't move. Spinning the left tire clockwise caused the right tire to spin the opposite direction like an open rear would. I did the finger test on the
  3. This truck vin breakdown shows 4.10 and limited slip. It is not a limited slip unless something is wrong internally. There is a paper tag on the back of the passenger axle tube. Info on the tag is 2 bar codes and the following. Is this the original axle assm is what I want to know (T) X2DH219421277 the T could be an I there is damage to the label right there 52481I (P) 52104 I know that it is a 11.5 AAM I have had no luck on the interweb any help would be appreciated Thanks 3D7MR48C95G710309
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