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  1. My fuel gauge never work since I got the truck so I went out bought a new Sending unit from rockauto.com couple days late I drop the tank took out the old install the new one Put the tank back up and turn on the truck and the fuel gauge was working great!! Till I had to go to the store I notice my needle would move up to full then back to empty then stay in the middle the whole ride was like that so I fill up the tank to see if anything would change and nothing happen. Got in touch with rock auto told them that the sending was bad if they can send me a new one did the process aga
  2. Thank you for your reply I just capped the inlet on the vacuum pump and let the truck run for 30 mins before I had it rev up again to 2500 rpm for almost 10 mins and I didn’t get one drop of oil I was pulling a 20ft horse trailer when the engine was doing all this oil leak. so tomorrow I’m hook up the trailer and go for a ride and see what happens.
  3. I have a question does it matter that the vacuum pump is not connect to any vacuum lines when I bought the truck It was missing all the vacuum lines.
  4. Do you have a link of someone doing a compression test or explaining how to do it never done one before.
  5. Hi, everyone so I have problem and I can’t find anywhere online with the same problem. I have 97 12v Cummins 2wd automatic i notice that my engine was missing a lot of oil almost no oil at all, so I change the oil filter and added new oil to the engine I went on a 200 mile trip came back it was night time so I waited till the next day to take a look at oil dip stick and again the engine had tiny marker on the dip stick of oil left, i add more oil told my wife to rev up the engine to around 2000 to 3000 rpms and after 3 mins of that my Breather tube was gushing out oil found the problem but don
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