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  1. The engine would turn over and crank and didn't even seem that slow when it was hot and eventually start. That's why I originally assumed it was VP44. It wasn't until I put on a new starter that I realized how much zippier it was than the old wore out one.
  2. Seems pretty good, We had a little fire pop up on the forest I work on, so had to postpone our pack trip till we get it under wraps, but so far so good. Definitely fires up real quick with the new starter.
  3. Yep starting well, can't replicate the problem. Need to get it nice and hot tonight and double check.
  4. Pulled the starter figured out how to work the bench tester at O'Reilly since the staff couldn't. Worked but sounded like bad bearings, got a new one at NAPA, and now can't replicate the hard start. I wish I had time to rebuild mine, but needed it solid as we are going packing in central Nevada Friday. Thanks for the advice!
  5. Yeah appreciate the info. Definitely frustrating as I need the truck Friday for a packing trip I've already paid for. That link is great.
  6. Thanks, I rebuilt the starter solenoid with a LarryB's Dodge Cummins Denso Starter solenoid kit 4 years ago. Batteries were new AGMs, but my kid turned on the interior light and when I took them in to get charged, they just gave me new ones 6 months ago. I will check that stuff though, maybe the starter needs a full overhaul. Also did new battery cables recently. Ran the codes, got P1693 last night, P0380 and P0382 using my EDGE. Ran it on the scanner at Orielly's this morning and got two codes each for P0380 and P0382. Filled the tank, no big difference. Can
  7. I'll give this one a try this morning. It's at a little below 3/4, which is more like 1/2 a tank. I know because I once ran out of fuel with 1/8 in the tank and had to walk three miles to a ranch while elk hunting... This morning with the rear wheels sitting on paving stoves it started up perfectly.
  8. Copy, This likely has 200k on the vp44. Has code P1693, I'll have to get it checked to see what the companion code is in the AM. Anyone that's experienced a VP 44 going out know what kind of timeline it usually has? I'm going on a trip Friday I need the truck probably about a 200 mi each way towing a light two horse trailer.
  9. Thanks John I'll throw some paving stones under the rear wheels tonight. seems like the hard start is becoming ubiquitous whether it's sitting or right after it's gotten hot. Not sure if it would hard start after just sitting for a minute when it's not at full temp.
  10. Hey folks, I've got a hard start issue that started when I pulled off the interstate in 115 degree heat. Almost always has a hard start if the engine is warmed up and sits a couple minutes now. Sometimes it will hard start if sitting overnight. The first time was 1k miles after a fuel filter change on a road trip from Vegas to southern Idaho, but I did the standard bump the pump and it ran great after that. I can't see any fuel leaking anywhere. I've always seen a little drip off the tank if I really top it off, but that's been the case since I bought it. I just ordered a
  11. Anyone ever used or heard of these? Was looking for a cummins 180 Thermostat down here in Vegas for creeping around slow in the desert. Ebay link
  12. Hey folks searched on here but didn't find the answer I was looking for, most likely user error. About to install an auxiliary trans cooler with fan under the bed, mostly for slow 4x4 driving. I live in Nevada and it gets hot. I've got a Mishimoto replacement cooler up front. I drew three hunt tags here in Nevada and with 333K on the clock I want to help it out a bit. I wanted to double check that the return line on the transmission is the rear line as it attaches to the transmission, correct? #3 in this image. Thanks in advance, Adam
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