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  1. It's both frustrating and a tease at the same time lol. Dammit Simba get sober so that we can destroy stuff in a coherent manner!
  2. Android tablet arrived and I installed the quadzilla. I have the stock file in the ecm right now but still have the mm3 wired in (although not the datalink) so that i can and/or clear codes if need be. I've been through a couple threads relating to initial settings for the quad but have been timid in regards to actually making a baseline tune. I read that a camera is helpful so I installed an aftermarket camera at the top rear of the cab, and then used a suction cup mount to place my GoPro on the passenger side of the bed to get a comprehensive view of what's exiting the exhaust. Given my list
  3. Still waiting for the android tablet to show up so that I can utilize the quadzilla, running stock ecm right now, she's smokey but i finally ran through all of the Snow Boost Juice in the 10gal. reservoir and got to start playing around with the mixture. 60% methanol and 40% distilled water seems to really clean things up at the exhaust pipe. On a lighter note. In Illinois (i work in Chicago but live in Indiana ie no diesel emission testing) it's temporary state law to have a covered face in public....lol, ok game on.
  4. I haven't had an issue with changing tunes on the fly.
  5. Just got an email from quadzilla and the tuner will be here on the 5th, so I'll be able to further diagnose/eliminate variables when that arrives. Until then I'm not going to take any unproductive risks and just drive the chopstickmobile (Hyundai rental car). On that note, any recommendations on numeric Android version and/or tablet to use with the quadzilla?
  6. Ok ok I'm starting to see where this might be coming from. So instead of replacing apps first, what i should do is quadzillafy this thing first and if the issue is gone like yesterday then it would be reasonable to say the table was altered. If the apps voltage is scaled on a non linear curve by the programmer, would it be possible to say that is also what is causing the bucking around 2000rpm regardless of tune level but not present with stock ecm file?
  7. When you say messing with the table. Do you mean being able to adjust what is seen as an output or that the voltage actually coming out of the apps is wrong? If being able to alter what the ecm is seeing in terms of apps voltage is possible with the mm3, it would completely make sense why it's not acting up on level 1, but on all others.
  8. Could electrical "noise" be a possible cause?? I used self vulcanizing rubber tape from TPC Wire on battery and alternator connections to try and eliminate that as a variable but maybe it's possible from somewhere else??
  9. Right! It makes no sense and then gets even stranger when the code isn't present on level 1 but all others.
  10. Hey all, sorry about the delayed update, took a little longer than expected to come back from the dead due to getting serial murdered at work. So. Drove a 35 mile loop again with stock ecm file just to be certain i hadn't missed any detail or variable and also in the hopes that the apps would act up thus making this an easy fix. Not a hiccup to be had (plenty of smoke though). Reflashed the ecm with the mm3 program and went on the same loop. Bucking still present with all 4 tunes. No tps issues in level 1. Levels 2, 3, and 4, tps code p0121 every time upon loading engine regardless of percenta
  11. I'll flash the mm3 back and drive to work tonight and post the outcome. If it does come back I will double triple and quadruple check all the wiring to be certain it's not related to a deficient reference, ground, supply, short, etc.
  12. But the curveball in the edge being the possible culprit is that I ran just the mm3 and these issues were present. The edge was physically gone from the truck during the very last attempt at this before restoring the stock ecm file. I guess to clarify, was it possible that physically removing the edge, trying to drive it (i.e. introduce a time span of engine vibration after possibly jostling wires) could have been the reason it stopped acting up, rather than removing the mm3 programming curing the issues? Once again I apologize for my newbie-ish ways.
  13. Hmm. My brain is really upside down now. Removed the mm3 tuning altogether and the comp box. Running the stock ecm file, but still have the mm3 in the obd2 to monitor parameters and see/clear codes if need be. The truck definitely runs smokey, but no bucking around 2000 rpm, and no tps codes... what am I missing?? and yes the truck ran cleaner and weaker with edge removed. I've got to be missing something dead obvious if you're saying it's not a tuning issue. Literally the only "hardware" I touched was removing the edge. Software I just returned to the stock ecm file, and now those 2 issu
  14. Alrighty. We (me and the shop I'm going through) thought we had it pretty dialed in for a good test run (7hrs to Tennessee, then back to NWI two days later). I gave in and ran the edge in the stack on 1x1, I guess out of curiosity mostly, and partially a "see I told you so" possibility. The tuner from Motor Ops was very confident in the "dialing in" he'd done..... Running the mm3 on setting 2, and edge on 1x1 it did get great mileage. However, anytime merging back onto the interstate, passing etc etc, if tps exceeded 30-35% around 2000 rpm, the bucking was still vividly present. About an hour
  15. I'm running strictly the mm3 right now and am taking notes for adjustments. It's definitely running cleaner but egts haven't notably changed I'm guessing due to the snow kit. I haven't seen anything higher than 1100 yet even when I had the edge still connected.
  16. Hmm. I'm more confused than ever. The truck put down close to 470hp on the dyno before we put any tuner or tuning to it. The shop said I was stupid for doing that (half jokingly) but I wanted to know what difference the modifications made on a strictly mechanical level out of curiosity. I haven't been back to the dyno since the mm3 and edge were installed because I was hoping to get it at least "street tuned" first. It's worth noting that the dyno runs before the tuners were done with the water methanol system on and running snow boost juice (49/51 I think?) I recognize there's a moderate
  17. Got a little clarification going through everything. The lines are 0.98. The injectors are 150s, I misspoke earlier thinking they were 125s. Removed the edge from the datalink and ran strictly the mm3 on the way in. I'm thinking the quadzilla is the next step, any advice and information on that would be great. Tried to take the acceleration video and my phone ended up riding to work on the floor? On a side note, I took my gf for a ride for the first time and proceeded to give a raptor a reality check and she made this on her graphic design program thingy. Gonna have it made as a rear wind
  18. Ok. Thank you for your patience with my ignorance, I'm on a steep learning curve here lol. If it's not too much to ask, can I post a video of my dash getting onto I65 and maybe get a ROUGH guesstimate of possible issues? The damn thing pulls, and pulls hard , but I'm OCD for things running to a "tea and crumpets" level of proper if that's understandable.
  19. Ummm. Yeah. Definitely not having fuel shortages. I head in to work at roughly 6PM. I'll try and get a video of the exhaust accelerating up the ramp onto I65 in 6th gear. The mm3 is set to level 2, I'll put the comp box on 3x1
  20. The cheetah I got is a 63/91. I'm definitely not opposed to changing to a quadzilla. At this point, $700 is a bargain at 5 times the price if it means getting everything working together at best potential/efficiency. Which one would you recommend and any suggestions or notes? The shop that I'm going through suggested the mm3 which is why I went that route to begin with. The ecm tuning side of things is where I check my pride at the door and listen to more knowledgeable people. I know my questions are probably annoying and laughable, but I do greatly appreciate the help.
  21. I have absolutely nothing bad to say about the mechanics and owner of the shop I went through. I guess my beef is with the tuner from Motor Ops at this point. Any ammunition you can give me for the telecommunications gun fight tomorrow would be mega appreciated.
  22. Flexalite 252 cooling fan, 55gpm 12vdc coolant pump, fleece coolant bypass kit. New Cummins OEM oil pump, new optima red tops, fass lift pump with 1/2" lines etc etc About 50 grand Did a lot to the suspension and chassis, nv5600 and rest of the drivetrain. It was a comprehensive build. Now I just want the damn thing to run right lol
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