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  1. Just got ecm back from repair and while they said the lift pump circuit was bad and repaired, everything else in the ecm was good
  2. It’s just so weird to me that on my edge cts2 monitor it monitors engine speed and while I have a dead tach on the ic, the one on my monitor reads just fine
  3. So if all my cam sensor wiring checks out, and I replaced the cam sensor itself, did a pinpoint test that led to ecm, which was just send out and fixed, and I still have this damn p0341 and no tach, is a pcm a possibility? Or do I need a cam or is the ring on the cam replaceable?
  4. So the when that the cam sensor sees on the cam is probably bad which would suck but be a good time to do a p pump swap?
  5. So an 02 does have one on the crank?
  6. So I had it sent out to auto computer specialist and they did fix p0230, however p0341 still there and has no tach, in the tech notes he says the reluctor wheel may be bad, along with some wiring to check but the wiring harness is all checking out good, and now I’m having a problem looking into this tone wheel situation, some people say it doesn’t have one for certain years etc, still don’t even know if that’s the actual problem but seems like it may be
  7. So I think it’s the ecm after some testing I did and the problem now is I called dodge and they don’t make or sell reman ecm anymore, and directly from cummins is 3000 dollars, is there any reputable place to buy ecm aftermarket or get rebuilt?
  8. could a broken wire make the engine make that noise? If you could even hear it
  9. Just replaced cam sensor this morning with no luck, and the truck has a Fass so I don’t know if this was always there with no light, because there’s no pump where the stock one would be, I clear the codes and the p0341 goes away with key on engine off, but the second I start the engine 0341 comes on right away, the light never goes off, and it’s weird I only seem to hear the noise when it’s in park or neutral, under a load you can’t hear it and it runs great, I did the 5 volt test at the cam sensor harness and have 4.9 v and pin b has a good ground so I’m kinda lost right now
  10. Truck ran out of fuel at quarter tank, no lights prior to, and when I got some fuel in it and started, I had a cel shortly after for p0341, and p0230, and the tach doesn’t work, rest of cluster works, and tach works on the tuner screen, also seems to make a weird noise under the hood kind of in the front cover area, Sounds like some kind of knock or something IMG_0669.MOV
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