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  1. @Mopar1973Man Thank you for the help. I will try to unplug things. I don’t have factory radio but I’ll unplug what I got. What and where is central timer? Question. If I do find the problem say unplug one thing and see if code goes away then I’ve insulated the problem? Cause I believe it’s my trans Causeing the problem so say unplug it power on the key clear codes and see if it comes back ? Thanks again
  2. @Mopar1973Man Do you have any suggestions where I should look now? Thanks
  3. @Mopar1970man On pin 3 I have 2.54 volts nothing on 11. Or should 11 be the ground? . Thanks
  4. I finally got back to the truck. (Been getting my boat ready for summer while I’m off work) unplugged the iat sensor today and ran the truck Got code p0113 plugged it back in cleared code and it didn’t come back but still reading 300 degrees all the time plugged in or not
  5. Well just went out again and with it being darker out the flash light worked better and i found it. Removed it edge insight still says 300 with it plugged in or unplugged. And it looked clean too. It is a 13/16 deep socket works great Thanks for the pic.helped alot
  6. That’s the one i looked at any idea what size socket needed. It’s bigger then 1 1/16
  7. Where is it located on a 98.5 2500 Cummins????? i read online it was a 13/16 either mine is different or I’m looking at the wrong sensor the one I’m looking at is on the drivers side of the engine. my edge insight reads a temp of 300 all the time. (Unless its cause of my no bus problem). But everything else works as it should.
  8. Thank you.... I’ll check it out tomorrow spent today resealing the vacuum / ps pump. Hopefully that’s fixed. Looked good so far I’ll see if there is a spot on the ground in tomorrow. While i was doin that job i had to remove the inner fender and seen some plugs and they didn’t look to good. Wonder if the wires i found could be where my problem is?
  9. Do you have a pic of the pin out on the port where I need to check voltage.?
  10. Thanks Mopar1973man. Can this be done with an edge insight cts? ive ohmed out the ground from the battery to after where it splits at the pcm and was good. I seen a video where it was caused by a bad part n the trans itself but can’t find the video again... Seen the video befor I knew he problem was linked to trans
  11. Hello all. New here......Just picked up a 98.5 2500 Auto trans 255K I have no cluster and says “No Bus”. Ive checked all the grounds cant find anything wrong. I got the truck from a friend of a friend and he said the cluster went out like a month after he had work done to the trans . My edge Insight only has code P1698 “no transmission bus messages” truck runs and drives fine and has for I believe years since the cluster went out Anyone got any ideas ???? I also need to reseal the vacuum pump anyone have any trick of in seas to make that job ea
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