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  1. I got it all figured out guys. Appreciate all the help. Hard start was caused by split O-ring on #6 crossover tube. Replaced with new tubes and 50hp injectors. The fueling was caused by APPS sensor. Replaced it as well and all is good 272k miles and running like a dream again.
  2. Will definitely check out the video when I get ready to do them. I think I’m going to order them and new tubes while I’m in it all just to ensure they’re all new. Not knowing if anything has ever been done it’d better be safe than sorry for another couple hundred bucks.
  3. That was the direction I was leaning towards in my next step the washers for the drain off. The fueling was my bigger concern wasn’t sure if that sounded anything like an injector issue or not. I guess it wouldn’t hurt to go ahead and do them. $1000 injectors and tubes still beats the crap out of a $50,000 diesel haha. Can’t believe how much these trucks go for these days. Appreciate the advice IB
  4. So I bought a 2nd gen, had high miles on it and could tell had been sitting. Upon buying I started having troubles, after driving it home 6 hours away I started trying to get it back to 100%. Narrowed down the first job to being bad injection pump, so I bought a new one and replaced it. Seemed to have fixed the issue and was running good, the truck doesn’t get driven daily it’s my farm truck, I started driving it a lot in the last month and when driving the truck is fueling really weird. #1. It does have hard start after sitting over night. After that starts fine all day.
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