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  1. Thank you all for your Input. I will follow your instructions completely. Next up - WT mod. Then PCM Protection Fuse. New alternator is on the way... Gunny
  2. So, PCM from Car Computer Exchange - Used them for a '90 Dakota and had good results. The PCM did not solve the charging issue. I have not yet done the WT mod. My worries is the erratic shifting and the truck trying to start out from a stop in 2nd or 3rd. I have been manually shifting and keeping it below 35 with light throttle load ( I am down to this as my only vehicle). Truck was in the shop today (ICDI Diesel) to get a professional and fresh set of eyes on it. They stated that the ECM & PCM were not communicating and there may be a fault in the wiring between the two. They
  3. 2002 24V w/Auto Trans. All Stock. The past 2 weeks have been riddled with an intermittent Check Engine Light, Erratic shifting and a Voltage gauge going from just over 14V down to nothing, triggering a Check Gauges warning light, then within seconds the gauge climbs to 12-13V and the Check Gauges light goes out. The intermittently flashing CEL usually coincides with erratic shifting and hunting of the lockup converter or what feels like clutch/band slippage in auto tranny. Started with checking the batteries (Good), checked the Field wires from PCM to Alernator and the PCM was not send
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