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  1. I have not checked pressure yet or in what shape the pump is in but the input shaft did spin. I got the pan off a little bit ago and everything was coated black with clutch material but the fluid looks like it's fine and dosent smell burnt
  2. Hello everyone I have a question that hopefully you all know the answer to. I recently got my trans rebuilt by a shop with a full manual valve body extra clutches and a upgraded front band apply lever. It also got a new TC. After that it made a trip 800 miles pulling a 78 f150 and all seemed fine (I know it was stupid on my part to do that). Long story short I got back home and stupid me stalled it in 1st gear TC locked. I dident think anything of it at the time but after that it felt like whenever the TC was locked no load and driving it would rapidly engage and disengage. It had enough of it about 100 miles later and while just driving in normal conditions (not beating on it) it just lost everything. The wiring from the switch to the solenoid is fine and working as it should so me being me thought I would go and replace the TC. When i pulled it out everything inside was froze up. So long story short it still dosent move even with a new TC. Any help or input would be appreciated thank you.
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