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  1. hey guys, I want to test my fuel pressure and noticed on my fuelcaster I only have a banjo for the inlet and no port to hook up gauge up to.does anybody have a part number or a link to get a banjo that can accept a gauge port? any help would be greatly appreciated thank you
  2. first of all I'm new to the forum and still figuring out how to navigate through this stuff. the explanation and details of my situation is outstanding, I love the pictures and the step-by-step very helpful thank you very much
  3. my 59 Cummins diesel 2002 has developed a hiccup, sometimes on acceleration sometimes just driving down the road she'll sputter check grounds change the fuel filter still doing it.I also have noticed that periodically my check gauges light will come on and my alternator output battery drops down to zero.I cleaned all battery connections with a wire brush hook them back up it still did it and if I just turn the truck off and start it back up it will come on ,mystery ,any ideas
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