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  1. To be honest my only comparisant I have is my Big rig and it revs 2200 and my pickup seems to rev higher. I drove it around and at 70 mph its saying 2042 rpm on the scanner. My gps is on with the scanning tool and my truck is off 4 to 5 mph by the speedo. I think my speedo and tach are off. Im hoping --- Update to the previous post... I also noticed on the scanner it idles at 850 - 900 rpm and on the tach its 500.
  2. Ok, I got my code scanner today with live data its very ez to use and very helpful. As I was saying my truck will only rev around 2400 according to the tach but it seems like it has alot of power to me. Well I put the scanner on it and read the codes and as usual it has no codes. So I started it up and was reading it live and the throttle was opening 100% and still only 2400 rpm but then I scrolled down to the tach on the scanner and at wot 100% it was reading 3260 rpm and my tach is only reading 2400 on the truck .... my freaking tach is off.
  3. Yes im pretty lost. It starts great and runs smooth and has lots of power but when it hits 2400 it just stays right there. Its kinda funny I drive and work on my own class A truck and I can trouble shoot it no problem But I must say that this one is stumping me. I will buy a scanner and check it that way. It doesnt hurt to have more tools in the shop lol. I have always had gas pickup trucks. This is my first diesel but im pretty sure im sticking with diesels because I love the power this truck puts out
  4. Just reset the apps and still the same 2400. Going to check into a live scanner. --- Update to the previous post... Just looking around for a live scanner and found this any advice. http://www.amazon.com/3130-Diagnostic-Playback-Capability-Vehicles/dp/B000KID31K
  5. Going out right now to reset the apps. And I also checked and still no codes with scanner or by key. I will have to call around and see about someone to check live data that would be great. Is there a scanner that I could buy that would do that and not break the bank.
  6. Well got my new airdog system on today and it still rev's only 2500. I checked all lines and its getting 15 to 17 psi it barely drops at wot. :banghead:
  7. Im thinking of going with the Airdog system. It seems to be the choice of diesel truck owners, plus I seen fass has no warrenty. Any thoughts.
  8. It drops to 5 to 7 psi at wot while driving. I think I will put a new lift pump in and see what happins. It wouldnt hurt to upgrade the lift pump anyway. I will just drive it till the vp44 loses performance or goes LOL then replace it when my bank account recovers
  9. I did put a new air and fuel filter in the truck but didnt help me any. Im pretty much at a loss since I just got the truck and don't know the history. --- Update to the previous post... I checked the codes by turning the key and also took it to autozone twice and they hooked it up to check the codes and nothing so is there any other way to check for codes on a diesel or is that all i can do.
  10. Looks like lift pump time I sure hope the VP44 is ok Im not sure how long they have been driving it like this. I took it for a drive with the fuel gauge hooked up and it dips down to 5 psi at wot.
  11. It has the lift punp in the tank and when I bump the key it goes to around 14 psi and yes when I push the pedal to the floor it will only rev 2400 the fuel pressure goes down to around 5 psi and comes back to around 10psi. Thanks for the reply
  12. Hi Guys I just bought a 2001 Dodge 3500 5 speed manual 74000 miles. The original owner never drove it much and when I got it I noticed it wouldnt rev above 2400 rpm. I put on a fuel guage and it has 14 psi at idle or when i bump the key and around 5 to 7 at wot under a load. I took it to autozone and had the codes checked and there was none. any advise on what to check or do. I put on a new fuel filter and nothing changed.
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