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  1. I think I may have I don’t remember. I’ll take a look tomorrow and let you know
  2. I didn’t think to check. The check engine light didn’t come on
  3. I thought it plugged in to the air dog. The I just removed the filter off the truck.
  4. I deleted the stock filter on the truck. But it was both the fuel filter and water separator. I do t know what the ad is. I made it home
  5. About 125 miles. I’ll see about the priming. I was wondering if the truck would lock out on it’s own
  6. Water in fuel light came on when I was in town. Wating to get home till I would drain the filter. But I came to a stop sign and the truck just died. So I drained both filters. Put fresh fuel in the filters. But the light is still on, I tried to start it. Nothing
  7. My Mom ask me if i could check out her truck its a 2005 with an birddog fuel pump straight pipe. It use to have an edge but took it off because it started causing problems. I read Mopars Article on the P2149 code and was wondering if there was a wiring harness map for the truck. The other 3 codes i was wondering if they may be in conjunction with each other? Im thinking a bad MAP sensor but not for sure, let me know what you guys think.
  8. Me78569 i was just looking at it and it looks like batter air flow. What i would like to have is the most horse power on the truck with out thinking about EGTS, for pulling a trailer or daily driving. Mopar1973 Man Thanks.
  9. Im looking at doing this to my truck but it look like there is machining involved and over my head i was wondering if you guys could recomond the best person on the lower 48 for the job. Someone i can take the truck to and have them do the complete job.
  10. wanna reply to each of you individually but don't know how. But figured it out feel like an idiot. I replaced the injector pump loosened the air horn clamp and forgot to tighten it back up. For ME78569 I'm not gonna replace the injector for awhile, will do before the end of the year along with new head studs. Thank you. Mopar1973Man i took your suggestion on the tiers i run the edge on the truck and updated the tier size on it. I didn't see a difference. But i stacked it with a smart and adjusted the tire size on the smarty. Oh my god you were right, ill roll down the road at 15-20 mph and pun
  11. So i have a 99 automatic 4x4. As far as the up grades on the truck i have Edge juice with Attiude, 150 Air Dog Fuel Pump, 100HP DDP, ATS Stage 3 Tranny, SB Intake, Bigger Intercooler, 4" MBRP cutback exhaust, ATS exhaust housing I just replace the Stock turbo with Phatshft 64 compressor wheel, and 14mm exhaust housing. Now with this new turbo I've seem to have lost power compared to the old stock turbo. Granted the EGTS don't run up as high. I could power brake with the stock turbo and the power was awesome, but would get up high (1300EGT) so i would let off. But when i power brake and spool u
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