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  1. I have no idea on how to get the url for pictures in order to post them. Sorry after some digging it looks to be wiring for the factory fuel filter. I did drop my key way on the crank last night.. turned it two hours job into a 8 hour job real fast.
  2. Hello guys. Long time lurker. I bought a 2002 24v with a NV 5600 about a year ago. The truck had tons of goodies when I bought it. Iv been trying to make it as reliable as possible since I drive it all across the county. Today I am fixing my tappet cover leak with a billet cover. I notice two plugs that are just hanging out with out a home. They lead to the harness the runs along the bottom of the tappet cover. Here are some images. I was hoping someone could help me identify them. My edge juice with attitude also took a crap the other day. It keeps say
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