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  1. Thanks guys, replacing the rectifier/diode fixed my torque converter lock/unlock problem. Three weeks later it’s back. What will cause the rectifier/diode to keep burning out? I called the shop that replaced the rectifier and he says there’s a problem somewhere causing it to burn up the diode. Also I looked at the link with the article about wt wiring mod but don’t see the wiring mod only alternator testing and a note talking about the wiring mod. All help is appreciated.
  2. Thanks! I pulled the 140amp alt fuse and drove about 30 miles home, slip unlock-lock gone! I reinstalled the fuse and drove 10 miles and it hasn’t unlocked on me yet witch seems strange. I’ll see on the way to work tomorrow. I just replaced the alternator about 10k ago but I guess the diodes have burnt up again. Are the Nations alternators really worth the money? Only has a one year warranty. Prior to this alternator the old ones kept surging from 12 to 14 V the entire time you were driving, but that hasn’t happened since I got this one. I was told that was a diode issue also so I
  3. It actually feels like it’s slipping at all different speeds but I know it shouldn’t be slipping after lock up occurs that’s why I specified 75-85 but it does it at 35 and 40 also The transmission was just rebuilt buy a highly respected mechanic that rebuilds these transmissions all the time and has a couple of these trucks himself and he’s telling me everything is mechanically right.
  4. Can someone tell me what the functions of the PCM are for a 2001 Ram 2500 4x4 automatic? I recently had the transmission rebuilt and the ECM replaced but the transmission seems to be slipping at 75-85 mph. I was told by the guy that replaced the ECM and programmed it that it’s a PCM issue but when I called trying to find someone to replace or repair my PCM they are telling me it is an ECM issue. All of my gauges seem to be working fine but my heated seat buttons on the dash light up when I crank the truck and they will flash for a while and then the hi light on the drivers side stays on all th
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