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  1. I would post a picture but I don’t think I can’t figure out how Also any recommendations on pillar gauges to get? How difficult are they to install?
  2. Thank you for your advice, this truck is a gem it is in amazing condition interior looks like a brand new truck, power everything and it all works, leather, Dash looks brand new, It drives great, pretty sure it was garage it’s whole life paint is in great condition. I paid $9,800
  3. Original owner passed away, purchased truck from his family
  4. As far as I can tell the only thing aftermarket is a E brake system by Jacobs and MBRP performance exhaust stacks besides that the truck is stock. It’s only had 2500 miles put on it in the last five years. 6 speed manual transmission
  5. Hello everybody I appreciate any advice. I just purchased a 2001 Dodge 2500 5.9L Cummings, This truck only has 95,000 miles on it in great condition but it hasn’t been driven very much in the last five years I am going to change oil, oil filter, fuel filter anything else you recommend doing to it. Also it gave me a P0234 code Overboost. When I was on the freeway getting on it, cleared the code it came back a few days later on the freeway again recommendations thanks zev
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