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  1. I am doing a engine swap I have a 1995 ram 3500 v10 and I’m going to put a 1999 Cummins in it the Cummins has 129,000 miles on it what would y’all recommend on gaskets and seals I need to replace or anything else I need to do why I have the motor out thanks for any suggestions
  2. It doesn’t show anything unless I’m doing it wrong
  3. I need the part # for 1999 dodge 3500 pdc or any year that is the same and were could I find one I am doing a engine swap and need one
  4. I am doing a Cummins swap to a 1995 v10 3500 the Cummins is a 1999 5.9 diesel the truck was wrecked and busted the PDC I can not find one anyone have any ideas
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