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  1. Thanks Joe. I will look into it when I get back to town. Had to rent a truck to pull the camper on vacation we had planned. Couldn't let the family down.
  2. Thanks guys for the responses. Been out of town and haven't had the opportunity to reply. Did check and there was oil in the rearend. Thought I might drain some out and add some friction modifier. What brand should I use?
  3. I took it in for an oil change and had them do the diff. Noise started 2 days later. Is as wondering if they didn't put a friction modifier in. My tab is rusted, all I can see is limited slip. Can't see the stamped BOM. So I don't know which Dana it is.
  4. That would be great. Just got to deal with this rear-end problem that popped up yesterday. Scubbing and occasional clunk when turning. Think it might be a side gear problem. Wife thinks I should buy a new truck. I told her by the time I put 50,000 in this one it will be like a new truck.
  5. Good to know. I know I'm probably asking questions that have been answered previously. I think I will look at 50 - 75 injectors. This maybe a stupid ? but if the Quadzilla shows all this info do I still need to invest in gauges? ( mechanical/ digital) Will I need to put head studs? One more and I'll quit. Rockers and push rods are there better ones out there that will cut down on noise?
  6. So let's say that I decided to go with the 35/40 that moparman suggests and maybe 50 hp injectors with the Quadzilla is this gonna require new head studs and should they go in before?
  7. Yep spend a lot of time in second. Not wanting a speed demon just something that pulls good and don't have to worry about overheating and leaving me and my camper stranded.
  8. Lost 2nd two years ago and has it fixed. Guy said he put a towing torque converter in it. If course at an additional price. If I go with the 35\40 like moparman says what size injectors about I go with?
  9. I am on 235/85R16's. I looked at the HX35/40 will that do a direct bolt as I think the year of my truck it has a HY35. I am not much on high sitting trucks. That's not a truck it's a toy. They built these with a mission in mind. Wife says why do I want to upgrade then? Well they have used these in larger applications, so I want to tow like a bigger truck.
  10. So can a Quadzilla help until I can put some turbos in? Live in NC foothills and mainly go south.
  11. So I tow a 10,000# camper with a stock 3500 rwd. I have read that dual turbos afe better for towing. Why is this the case and wouldn't a larger turbo accomplish the same thing? Just trying to wrap my head around some of the concepts. Thanks
  12. Very informative. Have had my truck for a bit, but am confused sometimes in the forums when acronyms are used. Have been very interested in how the turbo funtions. Good article.
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