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  1. Yes, I had to basically make him go drive it up the hill to see it was still surging, he said he didn't know other than to start " throwing injectors at it", he did the fass fuel pump, I put a solid fuel rail bolt in, next I'm gonna try putting a new back pressure sensor in and cleaning the line
  2. 240 k and I don't know if they've been changed, I got burned by this dealership, had to put a head gasket in right after I bought it, and I've got way too much wrapped up in this thing
  3. Hey everyone, my 08 megacab started surging after a head gasket was replaced, seems to be worse when hot out or going up long hills, just keeps cutting out briefly until temp goes down, got a programmer but I turn it off and never use it, just had the fass fuel pump replaced, still does it, any ideas?
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