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  1. I usually start off with a sharp gasket scraper or razor blade. I found using the the honing Stone Works the best you can visually see what is clean. I do like the idea of using the vacuum cleaner to suck up any fine particulate before flannel wipe down with brake clean
  2. How did you prep the block before installing the last new head gasket. If you used one of those whirly wheel Sandy disc on a die grinder. You pretty much destroyed the sealing surface on the cylinder block. When I work for General Motors I replaced a lot of engine blocks.. Due to damage from sanding Wheels creating high and low spots on the Block deck. Mostly in the area of the crush ring near the combustion chamber. The best method I have found to clean the block deck. Is to use a new honing Stone for sharpening knives. I place rags and all of the cylin
  3. I don't think backing the retainer nut off 3 turns is the answer. As you are required to measure the depth of the retainer nut with a micrometer. It should be in three clicks. If you're idling high use a 10 mm socket and wrench and adjust the idle in the normal manner on the throttle arm assembly. If you back off the net one turn and the retainer detent clicks are not able to hold the net in place. You stand a high probability of having the nut backing off and Scatter mingle Springs in a hot mess fashion. possibly taking out the entire Governor housing and or assembly.
  4. A link for P7100 / P71800 tool kit. https://www.stokkingdiesel.com/parts/detail/32752
  5. You might want to check out web slingers videos he does a pretty good job on how to disassemble and reassemble you're p7100 pump Part 1 https://youtu.be/iYFfMWh_nP8 Part 2 https://youtu.be/v5Lhw__SVHs You might want to check this out you might be able to fix it just yourself since you're just dealing with the governor end of the unit and not the plunger calibration
  6. Yes the problems of the rear ABS system. The ABS unit tends to dump too much brake fluid pressure into the accumulator. When backing the vehicle and applying the brakes the pressure is dumped into the accumulator. This happens at such a low pressure in the accumulator phase that the rear adjusters will not function. So you basically end up with rear brakes that are so far out of adjustment that your brake pedal goes to the floor boards. And you're breaking ability at all speeds from the rear axle is decreased. And when attempting to come to a stop at low speeds on icy
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