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  1. I had some time to do more testing with the tuning and put more miles on it. I also found a boost leak on one of boots (clamp was bottomed out) stupid mistake overlooked. Anyways that helped with decreasing smoke at lower boost and cruise speed. @Mopar1973Man I tried your fuel map and it worked really well, I just tweaked the first few numbers. The current tune I’ve been using daily that I feel runs the best 6x.014 s364.5/73/83 7 3600 50% 1600 90% 10% 0 12psi 40psi 2* 2* 50% 2* 0% timing 14 19
  2. I had some time to mess with it today and brought the timing to 13 17 21 25 29 and the canbus to 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 83 85 87 89 91 94 97 100 103 107 110 113 116 119 123 It seemed a lot better and close to no smoke on level 3. Level 4 and up had great power too. There is room for improvement so I will try setting the wire tap boost higher at 15-20 like you guys said. Thanks for the help guys the truck is running 100x better since this post. I’m starting to bett
  3. I tried out those numbers and smoke is very minimal and egts are much lower! Egt at 70mph went from 1000ish to about 800. The power is still there, I just have to put my foot into it more. It’s a lot more daily driver friendly now. I will be changing my setup to compounds in the future so hopefully I can use more of the fuel then. If it’s still not that great then I will look into getting a set of those 6x.013s you recommended. Thanks for the advice!
  4. Thanks! I might look into adding an s480 to it or some smaller injectors in the near future. I’ll give those numbers a try, I haven’t gone that low yet so i’m sure it will be a big difference
  5. Thanks for the reply! Yeah I am kinda regretting buying them considering the idle haze and bad lope when put in gear (normal?) here’s the tune I’ve been running, I usually keep it in level 3. At 70 mph egt is about 1000 - 1100 and boost is at about 7 but has a constant black heavy haze! Power levels - 7 rpm max - 3500 valet mode - 50% Max fuel stretch - 1400 TPS pump max - 90% TPS pump min - 0 minimum pump tap fueling - 0 Pump low boost scale psi - 5 Boost scaling - 35 Max load timing - 2 Low psi timing red
  6. Hey guys first post here so hoping this thread is in the right spot. I swapped a 2000 24v and 47re into my 06 f250 over the winter, rebuilt the engine and recently the trans. I put pdd 6x.014 sac injectors in it with .093 injector tubes. So pump. Sxe 364.5/73/83 turbo on it. I have the quadzilla adrenaline v2 on it. I’m having a hard time building a daily tune that has decent power and doesn’t smoke a bunch or have high egts. Do you guys think it’s my injector/turbo setup or my tuning? Any help is appreciated
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