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Mice back in 2012 Hyundai Accent


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Wife/grand-daughter found mice have chewed rear seat belts trying to get up through hole between seat cushions.  After previously finding mice in cabin air filter, we opened the cowel, checked cabin air intake & plugged drains with SS pot scrubbers.  She checked the cabin air filter NOW & found it to be fine.  This is how the fresh air gets INTO the cabin. 

We suspect the mice are getting in through the REAR somehow.  [My Dodge Avenger has a cabin air OUTLET in the trunk behind the carpeting "near the gas fill".  It only goes through the trunk wall, not the outter fender & has a one way flapper on it.]  I don't know where the cabin air goes out of the Hundai...  it "must have" or it would blow up like a balloon...  or no outside air could circulate.  I had no luck on Google...  Does anybody know where the Hyundai cabin air OUTLET is?  It would save me a ton of searching.  THX.    

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