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P0306 Error code answers...

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Well gang... I've been working on a P0306 error code for awhile now and I think I figured it out... After going through anf replacing all igniton parts (sparkplug, plug wires, cap and rotor) then replacing #6 injector... Done a compression test and all cylinders are 125-135 PSI... Good solid vacuum... Steady! What I figured out was the PCV is hooked up the the manifold near #6 the PCV valve was faulty and wasn't controlling vacuum properly. So when the valve would stick open it would foul the fuel mixture on #6 cylinder causing a slight drop in RPM's when it fired the weak mixture which was enough to trip the CEL (Check engine light) with the error code P0306. So know I'm watching and wait with my ScanGauge II to see any error code or other problems come... Error Codes http://mopar.mopar1973man.com/cummins/general/error-codes/error-codes.htm ScanGauge II http://mopar.mopar1973man.com/personal/2002/scangauge2/scangauge2.htm

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