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HELP 02 cummins p1694 p1693 p1687

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I have an 02 cummins 4x4. Pulled the codes and had p1698 p1689 p0237. Replaced the vp44 and still had the codes. Cleared the codes out took the truck for a drive and hooked the scanner back to the truck and it will not read codes so I done the key trick and am getting p1694 p1693 p1687 and p0237. Truck starts up fine and drives but it has no power has the CEL ABS and BRAKE light on the dash. Got to looking under the hood and seen that the previous owner had a wire on the harness to the pcm tapped and grounded. Took that wire off and nothing changed. I don't know what to do next!

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Need to hop over the OBDII error code list in the articles section and read up on the codes. Give me a chance to get home ill dig up more information for you. Most likely in the morning.

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