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Well I took my truck for a ride today. First ride since my new vp44.Total trip was 50 miles round trip. The truck is really running good now, like when I first bought it.Crusing at 56 mph, and 1500 rpms. Indicator shows 22 mpg. Nice to sit and listen to the turbo hum as i cruise along. Everything is so quiet now with the two cycle oil in the tank.Timing must really be working great because I don't even hear any rattling diesel sounds, everything is scary because it is so quiet now.I never realized how bad the engine was until it was repaired.Thats my post for now!:thumbup2:

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Good to hear it is running and getting great mileage! Now it runs as good as it looks :thumbup2:Amazing how you change something and notice that the sound it was making before was the sound of worn parts :lol: Hard to tell something is wearing out unless you compare what it sounds like now to a clip of what it sounded like "then". If you pull up next to any truck, you notice it doesn't sound the same, every truck sounds different based on so many factors. The problem is distinguishing the trucks that are running correctly.

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