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Need help with my Chevy HHR 2007!!!

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Hey everyone ive been having an ongoing probelm with my car which i use for work to deliver groceries to people in need, so what happens is i have 2 codes poping up on the computer when i run a diognostic ones for the Temerpature sensor which i already replaced but keeps poppng up which idk why. 2nd is my camshift sensor which i havent changed yet due to money reasons but i do erase them with the computer to give me a piece of mind lol. The reason im telling you guys this is to tell yall everytyhing thats going on with the car. NOW the real problem is my Service Traction light keeps popping up and gives my car a little kick when i go from 0 to 10 on it. Than When i put it in park and switch gears the transmition jolts the car every gear with a heavy kick and sound. But if i turn off the car and use the computer to erase all codes and turn on the car again the codes disapear and when i switch gears its back to normal. than ill drive a little or alot depending if the car wants to act up or not than out of no where the Traction control light comes on and it says service traction and the jumping of the transmition starts again. IDK what to do any help would be very helpful. Thank you all. and stay safeusps tracking showbox speed test

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First off I would get a code reader and read all the error codes in number form. Then get a service manual for your year, make and model of vehicle now look up the error codes. This would be my first step to getting information on what is going on. 

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