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2008 Manual Transfer Case conversion - Question..

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We've got a 2008 MCSB 6.7L G56 with electric tcase.   We had tons of issues with the 4WD over the past couple years with the transfer case shifting.  After a few replaced decoder motor replacements, I said 'eff it' and swapped the 273 for a 271 from an 07 model.  I put the floor shifter in, linkage, etc.  4WD works flawless now, and have had zero issues, since.. 


With the exception of the SERV 4WD light on (for obvious reasons).   This has been the case since day 1 of the swap.  So I thought "what if I just stick the motor from the original 273 under there, tie it up, and plug it in?"   Nope.  Still on.   No Codes on my scanner to clear, so IDK what's happening. 


Anyone done this swap/heard of this issue, or a fix?  I can't seem to find anything on the interwebz about it.


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