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2000 Chevy Suburan 5.3L

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Well I'm back to wrenching. This rig was my room mate in the basement. Needed some knock sensors,  oil change, fuel filter and oxygen sensors. 


Knock sensors aren't to bad to do. Basically pull the intake manifold. You need to both fuel rails off but the injector plugs are released on bottom towards the manifold, weird but ok. The knock sensors are under the two large rubber plugs with one wire to each. The front knock sensor came out easy and the rear the hex head kept collapsing. Using my angle drill I drilled 2 holes in the top of the sensor stuck my needle nose pipers in the holes using a long screwdriver barred that sensor right out.


Then changing the oxygen sensors was some what a pain in the rear.. Plugs buried on top of the transmission. Got them done. I had to pull the front shaft from the front axle just to get enough room to reach the front sensor plug. The rear sensor I had to use a hammer to shock the sensor loose with all the mud down there.


Fuel filter was another pain in the rear. The the filter was held in place by two bolts but with all the brakes lines from the ABS computer in the way. The plastic holder was bound up on the fuel so bad by the time we beat the old filter out it broke the plastic. Got it out and boy that filter was plugged up. Lots of black junk came when you blew on the filter backwards. Yuk.


No codes now and runs much better.

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