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That time of year again

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 Yes, we are getting closer and closer to riding season. Time to start thinking about what needs to be done to get the bike or bikes back out and on the road. 

 My Harley won't take much. Need to pull the battery, charge/test and reinstall. Do my normal checks and adjustments and so on. 

 This year I am thinking about getting the old Honda Gold Wing back out for at least a few good rides. By that I mean more than just around the block a few times. I need to get her out and stretch her legs a bit. I have been neglecting her since I bought the Harley in 2013. It's a good old bike, all original (save for the seat and sissy bar) and a decent runner. Just lost interest once I bought the Wide Glide.

 The Honda will need a bit more attention. An oil change is a must, checking tires, brakes and clutch adjustment. Possibly change the timing belts as well, been about 15 years since last changed. 

 And of course they will both need cleaned and detailed to look their best. I'm looking forward to getting some seat time on both of them this year. I may catch a bit of crap from friends about riding the Honda again but I appreciate the old stuff and think it's cool just having old iron on the road regardless of its origins. The Honda is a 1977 model GL1000 (Gold Wing) and its just fun to ride and it does actually get some attention from those that know what it is.

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