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Cheap lower control arms

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All, In my area, its not unusual to find a craigslist ad for complete suspension for a 3rd gen Ram. Usually they put a lift kit in and then the flip the suspension on Craigslist. I ended up buying everything (3rd gen track bar, shocks, shock towers, springs, steering dampener, track bar...) for less than it would have cost me to buy new control arms from Chrysler. So not only do I have lower control arms, i am halfway to a trackbar mod and I have softer 3rd gen springs if I decide to make the truck ride nicer. The LOWER control arms on the Ram 2500s from 2003 - 2009 work on our trucks, and they are completely boxed in and appear to have a stronger bushing than the stock control arms. The upper control arms from the 3rd gen trucks are 1/2 in shorter than the 2nd gen arms and won't fit. The front coil springs will fit, although they are a lot smaller diameter than the stock 2000 springs. It also appears that the rear springs will fit dimensionally, although I am not sure if the pinion angle will be correct... But that is fixable with a good spring shops shims. I will add pics when I get a chance, probably a couple weeks, as work is going to be murder for the next couple.

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